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Hardy Species of Orchids from South Asia
South Asia orchids species which are hardy and capable of surviving on a wide range of climatic conditions.

Wild Orchids - Not for Orchid Growers
Before buying orchids, please make sure that they have not been brought directly from a forest. Buy only nursery grown orchids, not only to save our natural wealth but also to protect your own plants from unknown wild diseases and pests.

Orchids and Humidity
The lesson I learnt on the importance of high humidity to orchids.

The Orchid Flower
Orchid flowers have developed different features according to their need.

Scale Insects-Infestation and Control
Scale insects can cause a lot of damage to your orchids. If infected, timely control is the only option to save the orchid.

Making Your Own Fertilizer
Have you tried making fertilizers yourself? Believe me, it is not difficult.

Growing Orchids in Summer
Summers is a good time for orchids. Check out how to take care of your orchids in this season.

More Gift Making Ideas
Here are more ideas on making gifts using orchids.

Gift Making Ideas Using Orchids
Want to gift some orchids? Try these gift making ideas with personalized touch.

Papilionanthe teres - The Butterfly Orchid
Papilionanthe teres is also known as the 'Butterfly orchid' because of it large and beautiful flowers. These flowers are long lasting and can be used commercially as cut flowers.

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