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d.light Solar Powered Lanterns Light the World
The d.light has already provided millions of people in third world countries with solar lighting. People who previously risked their lives as they cooked, worked or read by the flickering flame of a kerosene lamp now have safe lighting via a d.light lantern.

Social Media Manager Pioneer on Fox News
People are talking and these days they are talking on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a part of the conversation you find out what your customers need and how you can better serve them.

Optimize for Your Customer Before Search Engines
If you use SEO properly you can make your customers happy before they arrive!

Make Something Brilliant Happen This Month
What are you doing to contribute or celebrate National Volunteer month? Something great I hope.

The Number One Way to Use Coaching Products
Nike strikes a deep cord in all of us when they tell us to just do it. That’s because we have a tendency to NOT do it. The very thing you want for your business you don’t do. So you buy a coaching program to help you get down to business and guess what you don’t do it.

What If You Never Used The Scarcity Approach?
So you offer a great package but it’s only available until midnight for only 12 people. Well guess what, midnight comes and the next morning I get a surprise email in my box that proclaims that you have somehow magically found more space for me to attend your program.

Do an Old Thing a New Way
Where do you go for new ideas or to find inspiration on enhancing the offering of your company or new venture?

Is it Time for a Social Media Coach?
How do you know when it’s time to expand your business using social media? If you think your ready and need a little help hire a coach.

Monetize Your Blog or Distribute Your Product
Open Sky has changed the game and created a platform for bloggers to earn an income from the sales of the items they love and are excited to tell others about. This makes the bloggers very happy.

Who Wants to Use Facebook Like a Business Magnet?
Building a Facebook community can lead to a profitable bottom line in your business, organization or project. Maybe you’ve heard that before but you’re not quite sure or you haven’t made up your mind yet.

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