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China – Dye your Pet to Look like a Wild Animal
Dye your animal to look like wild animals. The latest craze or fad in China is to dye your dog to look like a Panda bear, a tiger, or a peacock. Is having a rendition of an exotic pet merit the animal’s discomfort and diminishing their dignity? Check out the dyed animal pictures.

Exotic Pets - What are Exotic Pets
I would love to make Exotic Pets BellaOnline a more interactive site. Lets start with a common but misunderstood question what are exotic pets? Can an exotic pet be a bird like the Hyacinth macaw, a fish like in a Koi pond? Is it a rabbit, a ferret or pygmy goat? What is an exotic pet, you decide.

Pet names - Naming Your Pet
Coming up with pet names isn't always easy. Exotic pet names, dog names, cat names, parrot names, and bird names, should depict individuality, make a statement, or demonstrate emotion. Tagging your pet can be complicated and thought provoking even if it’s a silly pet name, or a popular pet name.

How do we Learn to Value Life - Moral Example
How do we learn morals, how do we learn to value life and to respect all life? Why do some children learn to value life and others don’t? A tribute all parents who set a moral standard.

Hamster - Pet Hamsters
A hamster can be a great pet but they can be nippy. Children should be supervised 100% of the time when handling a hamster. This is to protect your child and the hamster. How to house, feed, and care for the exotic pet hamster. There is a follow up article on hamster bonding and health issues.

Exotic Pet Laws
I hope you are aware of the fact that laws’ mandating exotic pets is taking a turn for the worst. If you care about your pet I highly suggest you educate yourself to the current changes in exotic pet laws. They are trying to limit what kind of dogs and cats you have too.

Pet Rock - Care Guide
Pet rocks have a hard protective shell which protects them from predators. They have very few natural enemies. One predator would be paper; "Rock Paper Scissors!" When freed in a non-native habitat they can cause serious problems. They have been known to bite people’s toes when they least expect it.

Exotic Pets Found in Dumpsters Still in Cages
A hedgehog found in a dumpster; cage and all. A rabbit tied to a tree, the skin had grown over its collar. How many thousands of innocents must suffer? Animals left starving, no food, no water, stuck in their cages; abandoned when their people moved out. You talk the talk, will you walk the walk?

Ferrets - A Complete Guide
Ferrets: A Complete Guide EBook by Diana Geiger On sale for the holidays marked down to 2.50! A great reference guide or standalone care book about ferrets. Written for novice ferret owners, experienced ferret owners, or people considering a ferret as a pet. No special device required.

Hermit Crabs For Sale
If you see hermit crabs for sale or other exotic pets for sale at a local county fair or state fair make sure you are prepared to bring these delicate animals home. Do you know how to care for a hermit crab?

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