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Exotic Pets - Wild Animals - Besotted Fools
Wild animals are, always had been, and hopefully will always be part of our lives. I am often told that wild animals don’t belong with humans. I disagree. I firmly believe we learn humanity through animals. Included are sensational lion pictures and tiger pictures, including some amazing videos.

Exotic Pet Survey
According to the AVMA and the USDA, no one has ever done such a study, and as an exotic pet owner myself, I see a great need for it. The general public only hears about the abuses, maulings and escapes, so most people tend to believe everyone who owns an exotic pet has a malnourished lion...

Exotic Pets Finally the Truth
Are you ready to learn the truth about Exotic Pets? "I think that if real information is gotten and published, rather than sensational 'attacks' and random misinformation, it can only be good for both the animals and their owners." Gabrielle Collins who is doing PHD dissertation Exotic Pet Survey

Specialty Serpents Top of the Web Award
I don’t give the award because of fancy websites I give the award only to people that CARE about exotic pets and go out of their way to help exotic pets. Other words, above and beyond!

TV Networks and Exotics - A New Problem?
Over the last several years, many nature and animal oriented TV networks have turned to far more sensational programming to attract audiences. How and why has this become a problem for the exotics community? Are Animal Television Networks Tumbling into the Toilet?

Halloween Pet Safety
Holidays are fun; we have always had a great deal of fun on holidays with our pets. They are family and are always included in most festivities. I say most because sometimes, no matter how much fun, or how intriguing, it just wouldn't be a safe situation!

Halloween Costumes for Pets
Pet Halloween costumes are the new rage! Pets dressed as people, children dressed as animals, exotic pets and pets dressed alike. How to make a homemade costume for your pet, or if you're not so crafty purchase a Halloween pet costume! I have included some darling pet videos and pictures. Cute!

Cold Weather Preparedness - Exotic Pets
The first of fall is upon us, the cold is coming, and none of us knows exactly when. Are you ready to protect your pets if you should lose electrical power? Cold Weather Preparedness, what do you need to do and what do you need to have on hand. Including the video "How to Handle a Frozen Iguana".

Litter Box Stench
One question I often hear or see in email is why did my pet stopped using his or her litter box. The answer may intrigue you. Here is the answer to that question, you will also learn to control odor, and learn litter box training for many types of pets or exotic pets. Get rid of that awful stench!

Animal Hoarding - Animal Planet
Animal Planet is allegedly airing a new show "Confessions: Animal Hoarding." A post in the Exotic Pet forum and the subsequent comments that followed is the reason for today’s article. Please feel free to contribute your point of view and comments.

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