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Rabbit Supplies
Learning about a new exotic pet and everything an exotic pet needs isn’t an easy task. I have put together the basic necessities of what a rabbit will need. Don’t skimp on the rabbit cage, they need the space. Stay away from the rabbit pellets that commercial rabbit breeder’s use.

Exotic Pet Adoption
When we are lonely and blue there is pet for you that will always be true. Consider pet adoption. It doesn’t need to be a dog or cat there are many exotic pets that need a home. Consider exotic pet adoption and I will show you how to find adoptable exotic pets.

Exotic Pet Site Map
A new site map for exotic pets BellaOnline, find which exotic pet you are interested in quick and easy. You will find rodents, reptiles, mammals, arthropods, invertebrates, exotic pet care articles, help articles, awareness articles, health articles, safety articles, and so much more

Flea Control Exotic Pet
A sure method of making sure those rotten little fleas leave our exotic pets alone this spring. Yes, it is that time of year again. In this article you will find everything from letting nature help control the fleas, to getting rid of all the dastardly varmints. The exotic pet is not immune.

Ant Farm - Ant Farms
A truly easy to care for pet, the exotic pet ant! The ant farm is a great way to encourage standards, principles, and life’s ethics. Ant farms are a gentle manner of introducing the concept of death and mortality. I frankly think children should experience an ant farm at least once in their lives.

Ant Shop
Yes an ant shop. This is how important I feel learning about ants is to children. Here you will find ant farms, ant terrarium, formicaries, formicarium, ant books, children's ant books, and other ant supplies. In addition, you will find a lot of information about ants and ant farms.

Responsibility Exotic Pet Ownership
My priorities of what makes a responsible exotic pet owner have changed due to recent events. Think long and hard - what would be best for our exotic pets. Sometimes we must put our feelings aside. We can’t be selfish.

Fatal Attraction - Rebuttal
The odds of death or serious injury by exotic pet are so minuscule, though this certainly is not how it is portrayed by the media and assuredly not Animal Planet and their new documentary Fatal Attraction. These are single, isolated incidents. How did I reach this conclusion; through data and fact.

Tiger Hugger
It is my pleasure to introduce guest author Zuzana Kukol of Rexano.org; her pets include tigers and a lion "I have been exotic animal owner for over 20 years. I started with reptiles and then added big cats over 15 years ago. People often ask me WHY do I have pet tigers or an African lion?"

Tiger - Tigers - Tigers as Pets
This is the first chapter about tigers and taking care of pet tigers. There are many people who have tigers as pets throughout the world. I am aware of the strong feelings about keeping or not keeping tigers captive. This article is written from a neutral viewpoint of having tigers as pets.

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