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Pet Allergies
Are you or your children condemned to live the rest of your life without the love and companionship of a pet? There are solutions to the pet allergy problem. Learn when new articles such as this one is posted, subscribe to the Exotic Pets Newsletter! Discuss allergies at the Exotic Pet Forum!

Heat Cars and Pets
On an 85-degree day the temperature inside your car, even if you have the windows cracked will rise to 120 degrees in only 20 minutes. Any animals left in a car even for a short time will die or suffer brain damage.

Monkey - Pet Monkeys
Exotic pet monkeys can be a huge commitment. The monkey can be impulsive, intelligent, and unpredictable. How to properly care for monkeys. Enjoy monkey pictures. Find monkey breeders that breed and sell everything from the spider monkey to the capuchin monkey. Find monkeys for sale.

Interview with Jean Lengwin
Jean Lengwin is the author of a very special book which is a collection of short stories of how animals shaped her life.

Iguana - Pet Iguanas
So you want a pet iguana? Beautiful reptiles but do you know how big they get? The green iguana can make a wonderful exotic pet but you do need to know a great deal about the care of iguanas. They need heat, special food, and special lighting. Otherwise it can lead to Metabolic Bone Disease, MBD.

Hermit Crabs - How to Care for Hermit Crabs
More information on hermit crabs. Bringing home the pet hermit crab, food, water, and bathing. Care sheet on how to care for the pet hermit crab. Do you realize few hermit crabs live longs as a pet. Learn how to care for the properly.

Jane Bone - Tribute to a Skunk Lady
A tribute to Jane Bone Skunk Lady. Jane Bone and her years of experience with the domestic skunk brought a wealth of knowledge and awareness to the world. This article is archived under One Person Can Make a Difference for a very good reason.

Skunk - Pet Skunks
The pet skunk and their personalities are the most interesting of any exotic pets I have ever had. Here you will find skunk care, where to buy pet skunks and other exotic pets for sale, pet adoption, skunk pictures, and many aspects of this exotic pet you may have not considered.

Miniature Pot-Bellied Pig
Not every exotic pet is for everybody. While the Miniature Pot-Belly Pig is intelligent, cute, and sensitive they can also be stubborn and headstrong. How to care for your Miniature Pot Belly Pig.

Exotic Pet Newsletter
Find out when new content is published at exotic pets BellaOnlline! Occasionally an exotic pet newsletter will go out informing you of a serious recall or disease outbreak. Your information is secure and confidential. I send one newsletter a week unless there is important breaking news.

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