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Complete Guide to Rat Training - Review
Complete Guide to Rat Training: Tricks and Games for Rat Fun and Fitness, by Debbie Ducommun in paperback and Kindle. Are rats much like dogs and humans (yes). Can they use body language to communicate the same as a dog; you bet! Rats have a keen intelligence and can be trained to do a great deal.

Miniature Horses
I could certainly wrap my mind around curling up with a miniature horse in front of the fireplace or television. I raised appaloosa horses for a number of years and dearly love horses. The miniature horse is often used as a guide horse or make good companion animals or exotic pets.

Rabbits - Pet Rabbits
Nothing much beats the feeling of a wiggly nose in the neckshoulder. This is a body part you develop only when you have had a baby or when you have a pet rabbit. Rabbits are not a object you give as a gift nor should one be bought on impulse. How to care for the pet rabbit.

Marshall Ferret Santa Suit - Review
This Marshall Ferret Santa Suit will provide the perfect Christmas photo opportunity for your darling ferret! Making Christmas cards and want to include your ferret? This is an inexpensive and decently made Ferret Santa Suit perfect for your pet that already loves center stage!

Sugar Gliders: Complete Sugar Glider Care Guide
Review of Sugar Gliders: The Complete Sugar Glider Care Guide by Sandy Duncan. A new up-to-date book on how to care for the pet sugar glider. Much has been learned about the sugar glider as of late. This book is essential for new, potential, or current sugar glider owners.

Hurricane Sandy - Find Lost Pets
I read a story about a 15-year old dog found in North Carolina. He had been lost seven years ago in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. Many pets were separated from their human families during Hurricane Sandy. A microchip immensely increases the chance of find a pet's family. Not just for dogs!

Pets - Disasters - Did New Law Save Lives
It isn't hard to imagine that people refused to evacuate during Hurricane Katrina because they didn't want to leave their pets behind. Many people stayed with their pets, and many died because of it. A new law was passed. Did it save lives during Hurricane Sandy?

Sugar Glider - Pet Sugar Gliders
The sugar glider is a small marsupial possum (not opossum) they can live up to 15 years as an exotic pet companion. Basic care information of the pet sugar glider; pet sugar gliders love human interaction and are highly social. They cannot be raised as a single pet. Sweet exotic pets.

Top Unusual Pets - Exotic Pets
Some people have some very unusual pets. As long as you're capable of caring for these animals, both financially and understanding their needs, these special pets can make outstanding exotic pets. Here you will find care sheets for each pet, Civet, Genet, Kinkajous, Armadillo, and the Capybara.

Top Exotic Pets
Breaking News - recent pet bans are increasing the popularity of exotic pets. Here is a list of the top exotic pets some of the most popular pets people have in their homes. Each animal has a care sheet of how to care for the animal. Not all people want to be limited to a cat or a dog.

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