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Zoo Tycoon DS
I love the Zoo Tycoon series, raising and caring for zoo animals. I was thrilled to get a DS version to carry around. The implementation on the DS is a bit flawed, though.

Harvest Time Hop and Fly DS
Harvest Time Hop and Fly DS is an all-ages arcade style game that takes advantage of the DS features. You must jump, blow, and draw your way through the gathering puzzles.

Medievil Resurrection PSP
Medievil Resurrection for the PSP lets you play the hero Dan, now resurrected 100 years later to take on a hoard of zombies. It's cartoony rather than scary, and has a nice witty theme.

New Super Mario Bros DS
Super Mario Brothers was one of my favorite games when it first came out. With New Super Mario Bros DS, you get the game fun gameplay - enhanced - in a nice portable system.

Electroplankton DS
Electroplankton isn't a game. It's a musical instrument. You get ten different "scenarios" - each with different critters that let you explore your musical talents.

Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel
Are you a fan of comics, manga or anime? You should really take a look at the Metal Gear Solid PSP active novel, then. It's like a manga that moves, with hidden secrets.

Lemmings PSP
We have loved Lemmings since their very first game. The concept is simple and oh so fun. You are responsible for saving the dutiful little green-haired creatures from nasty death.

Magnetica - Zuma for the DS
I'm really surprised they didn't just name this game Zuma. It is EXACTLY like the free magnetic marble game on MSN Games - also available on the XBox 360 download list.

Big Brain Academy DS
Big Brain Academy for the Nintendo DS is a lot like Brain Age. It's a collection of puzzles designed to test and stimulate your intellect.

Robots GBA
Robots was a popular animated kid's movie, and Robots GBA lets you play in that same world on your GameBoy Advance. It's a good game for casual gamers.

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