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Field Commander PSP
Field Commander for the PSP is very similar to Advance Wars on the DS side of things. You use turn based commands to negotiate your troops around a map to win a number of scenarios.

Lord of the Rings Tactics PSP
Lord of the Rings Tactics lets you enjoy a strategy romp through the world of Aragorn and Legolas on your PSP. The turn-based system allows you to take your time and explore the layout thoroughly before making your moves and decisions.

Dungeons & Dragons Tactics PSP
If you're a hard core D&D player, you'll love the level of detail found in Dungeons & Dragons Tactics PSP. If you haven't played D&D before, it might take you a while to get a hang of all of the attributes here.

Gurumin - A Monstrous Adventure PSP
Gurumin - A Monstrous Adventure PSP lets you enjoy a cartoon style RPG with explosions, puzzles, and some low key fun. Rated E10+ for mild cartoon violence.

Every Extend Extra PSP
I am an avid fan of Lumines, and went out to get Every Extend Extra PSP as soon as I could. This game was made by the same people and I looked forward to the same addictively fun gameplay and music. Unfortunately, the magic just didn't strike twice.

Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony PSP
Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony for the PSP lets you play Morgrim the Warlord, Serin the Shadow Stalker, or Allister the Battle Mage in a handheld RPG game.

Sonic Rivals 2 PSP
Sonic Rivals 2 for the PSP lets you play as different teams through a story mode, or enjoy free play. You get to experience the familiar Sonic world on your PSP in casual adventure fun.

Becoming a Game Reviewer
Probably every game player has wondered this at some point in their gaming career. Just how does one become a professional game reviewer, and get paid to play games? Here's how to proceed.

Facebook - iPod Touch
Facebook is an incredibly popular social networking website. The Facebook app for the iPod iTouch lets you stay in touch with your Facebook friends and check out their status updates from your iTouch unit.

iTouch - App Store Cannot Connect
There will be times that your iTouch will give you errors when you try to connect to the app store - either to update your existing apps or to download new apps. Here is how to troubleshoot the issue.

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