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West African Vegetarian Side Dish
This is a West African vegetarian side dish that can be served over rice as a vegetarian meal, or served as an accompaniment to a meat dish. As with many African dishes, peanut butter is an ingredient. This dish has mild 'heat'.

Orange & Lemon Marmalade
Easy to make Orange & Lemon Marmalade

Fried Fish Southern Style
Golden brown fried fish. A simple no frills basic recipe that delivers a slightly crisp on the outside and moist inside piece of fish. This recipe is so good, friends will want to know your secret. Don't tell it's cayenne pepper!

Beef Short Ribs with Zesty Sauce BBQ Recipe
The addition of Balsamic vinegar makes these ribs delicious and tender.

Spicy Eggplant in Garlic
This is a perfect grilling blend of vegetable flavors and colors, the beaufiful deep dark purple of eggplant and bright red and green bell pepper all made delicious with a touch of garlic, ginger and hoisin sauce.

Houston Hot Sauce Festival September 20 and 21
This year's festival promises more good food and great entertainment for adults and younsters.

Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Green tomatoes are especially good with fried fish, BBQ chicken or BBQ ribs.

A Recipe from DYING FOR CHOCOLATE, A Culinary Mystery
Goldy Bear a single mom caterer who is bright, charming and very much opinionated. She is now trying to escape her abusive ex-husband who to continues to make threats against her. When the oportunity comes up to cook (see Goldy's recipe for Goldy's New Potato Salad)

Zucchini Bread
Zucchini bread is simply delicious. I first had this tasty bread the year my ex-boss planted too many zuchini. She brought in softened cream cheese to spread on this delicately pale green colored bread. Although zucchini bread has a cake-like texure it is quite alright to have it for breakfast.

Read What Wine Expert Has to Say About Wines and Spicy Foods
Warren Edwardes . . . "has often been part of winning teams in wine tasting competitions. . . But what was missing, according to Edwardes, was a good selection of wines specifically created, and not just marketed, to be drunk with curries and spicy food."

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