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Artichoke and Jalapeno Pepper Dip Recipe
Artichoke and Jalapeno Pepper Dip Makes a nice anytime dip. I started making artichoke dip when I began reading Philip R. Craig's Martha's Vineyard Mystery novels.

Indian-Style Chicken Recipe
This dish is good for a crowd or to take to a pot luck dinner. It is chicken with onions, tomatoes and various spices. Chicken prepared this way is incredibly flavorful.

Spicy Pot Roast Recipe
Make this pot roast in a crockpot and be greeted with a heavenly smell when you walk in the door.

Beefy Enchiladas Recipe
This beefy enchiladas dish may seem complicated but you can buy everything prepacked, except the ground beef. Tortillas and shredded cheddar cheese are ready to serve in most supermarkets. Picante and enchilada sauce will be in the ethnic foods or the tomato sauce sections.

Christmas Pudding
This special sweet potato pudding recipe is from Leneice North Talmadge´s The Sweet Potato Cookbook. Sometimes a recipe just lends itself to creating tradition. This wonderful Christmas Pudding is one of them.

Chili Peanuts Recipe
These easy to make spicy chili peanuts are great for snacking

Barbeque Ribs - Crock Pot Recipes
BBQ ribs in the winter? Yes. Start your ribs in the morning and they will be ready for dinner in the evening. Serve with hot wild rice and a green salad with sweet grape tomatoes. Everyone can help themselves when they are finished shopping, decorating the tree or wrapping presents.

Spicy Black-Eyed Peas Recipe
Try this southern-style spicy black-eyed recipe. In many southern households, black-eye peas are served whenever friends or family get together.

Hot Mulled Gingered Cider Recipe
Need a tasty drink for a crowd? Hot Mulled Gingered Cider may be just what you are looking for. This drink is often served at holiday parties, but it is good anytime there is a chill in the air.

Fruit Cobbler Recipe
Here in eastern United States the weather is getting chilly. Although fruit cobbler is great anytime, it is especially good in cool weather. Serving hot and spicy Chili or spicy wings? Bring on the fruit cobbler.

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