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Dependence on Federal Government Hits Record High
New data released shows that dependence on federal government programs hit a record high in 2010. Here is a look at the states most and least dependent on federal government.

Is There Something to the Birther Issue?
Donald Trump continues to question President Obama's American citizenship. So is there really something to the birther issue? Here are some thoughts on the issue.

Government Avoids Shutdown
The government avoided a shutdown but is anyone really happy? Both sides still want to see more done.

Is It Flip-Flopping or Changing Your Mind?
When politicians change their minds is this really flip-flopping? Here's a look at some of the things that Obama has changed his mind on.

Republican Presidential Contenders
A look at three controversial Republican presidential contenders.

On the Fence with Libya
I have not made a clear-cut decision on how I feel about the situation in Libya. I am on the fence, leaning in one particular direction but definitely confused about what our goals are for being there.

Is Japan's Nuclear Crisis a Real Threat?
As the world watches the crisis in Japan unfold, we are left to wonder if there is a real threat of a nuclear meltdown. It also has the United States asking questions about the safety of our nuclear power plants.

How Should Obama Respond to Libya?
There are some pressuring the President to do something about Libya, including the implementation of a no-fly zone. What should President Obama do about Libya?

Budget Cuts versus Union Benefit Cuts
The fight in Wisconsin over budget cuts and union benefit cuts continues. No one has been declared a winner yet. But the rest of the nation continues to watch.

Wisconsin's Budget Repair Bill
Here is an overview of the protesting that is taking place in Wisconsin due to Governor Walker's "Budget Repair Bill."

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