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All Life Is Sacred; Treat All Beings With Respect
Our Traditional worldview was one based upon the acceptance that we are sacred beings placed upon a nurturing Mother planet, by an all-powerful and loving Creator. How can we use this traditional framework or philosophy to help us travel along the path of peace in the ego-dominated world of today?

Mother-In-Law Taboo
For many, marriage is the key to happiness, long life, and health. In traditional times of the past, many Native American tribes practiced a way of family life that was meant to preserve this sacred institution.

Spiritual Intelligence – A Sacred Way of Life
Our Ancestors believed that the spiritual realm and the natural realm coexist together and that we are a part of both worlds. Our Elders built a bridge for us to connect to the spiritual realm by teaching us to acknowledge our Creator in all that we do and to recognize all of creation as sacred.

Harvest Moon Acorn Squash Recipe
Some Ancestors celebrated harvest time with prayerful ceremonies, giving thanks and praise to the Creator. In the spirit of appreciation and thanksgiving, here is a toasty sweet treat to enjoy with loved ones under a beautiful harvest moon!

Enjoy Life’s Journey But Leave No Tracks
Words of wisdom from our Ancestors taught of treating our Earth Mother with care and respect. Humankind today has drifted far from these traditional philosophies. We can see through the eyes of our Ancestors to heal, comfort, and bless a hurting and reacting Earth and her children.

Great Spirit – Opening Heart & Soul
Opening one’s heart and soul to the Great Spirit was a life-giving principle our Ancestors lived by. It is possible to reactivate this standard of living in Spirit by developing our trust muscles.

Do What Needs to Be Done for the Good of All
Concern for the highest good of all was a virtue that helped our Ancestors thrive and was a concept that served as the backbone to tribal society. Our regal Chiefs of the past believed that personal achievement that would assist the whole were acts worthy of adding a Coup Feather to one’s Bonnet.

Follow the Rhythms of Nature
Our Ancestors recognized the prolific value in studying nature. In doing so they realized that following and trusting the rhythms of nature leads to balance, health, and prosperity.

Speak the Truth, But Only of the Good in Others
We can come together not only as the Red Race but as the human race to share old and new philosophies and information that will strengthen our ability to heal ourselves and live in harmony with each other and our planet.

Dream Catcher
In North America it would be hard to find someone, of any age or background, who is not familiar with the object known as a Dream Catcher. These familiar objects can even be found in Dollar Stores across the continent and come in all colors of the rainbow.

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