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Selecting a New Laptop
Selecting a new laptop can be a time consuming and confusing task. There are so many factors to take into account - speed, weight, size, price, drive space - the list goes on and on. The actual selection is a balance between needs, wants and budget. Come read about my experience buying my new laptop

Microsoft OneNote Mobile Introduction
Learn the basics of taking Microsoft OneNote mobile for access to all your notes while on the go.

Using Follow Up Tag in Outlook 2010
Learn about the Follow Up Tag in MS Outlook 2010 which can be used to add email messages and contacts as items to the to-do list with a reminder if needed. This makes tracking emails and contacts that need further attention quick and easy - never forget to follow up on an email again!

Using Tags in Microsoft Outlook 2010
Learn how to use tags in Microsoft Outlook 2010 to help organize, track and follow-up on email and other Outlook items. Tags include categories, read/unread and follow up.

Assigning Categories in Outlook 2010
Learn how to assign categories to different items in Microsoft Outlook 2010. By assigning categories to emails, contacts and calendar entries it makes retrieving for finding the information quicker and easier.

Introduction to Categories in Outlook 2010
Keeping email organized and under control can be a full time job. Learn the basics about categories in Outlook 2010 that can be used to help organize, search and retrieve email messages, contacts and calendar entries.

Review of Catch Me if You Know How
Catch Me if You Know How is a great book that aids you in protecting yourself and loved ones from the dangers lurking online. The Internet can be a great resource but it can also be very dangerous. Travis Morgan has written a clear, concise and easy to read guide to help keep everyone protected.

OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Pages
Learn the basic keyboard shortcuts for working with pages in Microsoft OneNote 2010. Keyboard shortcuts are great for quickly formatting, navigating and organizing pages within an OneNote notebook.

OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Notes
Learn the basic keyboard shortcuts for taking and formatting notes in Microsoft OneNote 2010. Keyboard shortcuts are great for quickly formatting, moving and organizing content within OneNote.

OneNote Series Overview
Microsoft OneNote is a great program for keeping your thoughts, ideas, files and much more organized. Come learn about the various functions and features that make Microsoft OneNote fantastic organizational program.

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