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Norton Local Backup Overview
This is the second article in the series of Norton Backup reviews. For this review Norton is tested for how will it works with backing up files to a removable device such as a flash drive.

Norton Online Backup Overview
An overview of the backup utility that comes with the Norton 360 security package.

Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys
Everyone knows how to navigate Microsoft Windows using a mouse but there is also various keyboard shortcuts that can be used to help navigate the system. This article lists keyboard shortcuts that can be used with Windows Vista and XP along with Windows keyboard.

Even the Geeks Don’t Follow the Rules
Geeks are known for being the know-it-alls of computers and are willing to give advice to all the noivice users of the world. But did you know? Even the geeks don't follow their own advice.

Windows Vista Performance Information & Tools
Learn how to use the Performance Information and Tools Utility provided in Windows Vista to increase the performance and speed of your personal computer.

Windows Vista Instant Search
Trying to find files, folders or applications on your computer can be a real hassle if are not organized. Learn how to use Windows Vista Instant Search to help locate data and files on your computer and never lose a document again!

Basic Computer Concepts and Definitions
Come learn some basic computer definitions and concepts by reading this article on some starter terminology.

Windows Vista Shutdown Shortcuts
One of the more fustrating aspects of Windows Vista is accessing the menu for shutting down or restarting the system. Make this task easier by creating shortcuts that can be access from the desktop or the launch bar.

Windows Vista Built-In Diagnostics
Help prevent problems and issues with your personal computer with the Windows Vista built-in diagnostics which helps detect issues or problems before they happen.

Computing Resolutions for 2009
This year include becoming a better computer user as part of your resolutions for the new year. Come in and get some ideas to get your going with your list!

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