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Inhuman Book Review
Inhuman by Kat Falls has been compared to the bestselling series The Hunger Games. The question now is, does the book live up to the hype?

Bullying Under Attack Book Review
Read the collection of essays written from the perspective of the victim, bystander or bully by teens who have experienced the cycle of bullying.

Changing Caregivers for Disabled Family Members
Families with special needs members are faced with the challenge of planning for a disabled loved one’s future as an adult. When should families begin considering long term care facilities?

OCD in Children and Teens
The symptoms of OCD in children and teens are often overlooked and misdiagnosed. Early detection by parents can help kids cope with the disorder and get the treatment they need.

The Sibling Support Project
The Sibling Support Project was founded on the belief that "disabilities, illness, and mental health issues affect the lives of all family members." Find out how the project can help families in your community.

Losing a Loved One
Memories is a poem/song in tribute to those left behind after losing a loved one. The process of grieving and healing takes time and emotional space. Quiet understanding and showing up for the long haul are required from those of us who want to help.

The BubbleBum Booster Seat Review
The BubbleBum Booster Seat is light weight and portable, but is it a good choice for keeping your child safe?

Secret Messages to Bullies
Many times kids who have difficult home environments act out as bullies, but what about the kids who seem to bully for no reason at all? Can these “pure bullies” be getting subliminal messages of support from their parents?

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review
Summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man has a lot of surprises including a brand new cast. Is it still considered a family film?

Fireworks Safety Tips
Each year thousands of injuries occur during 4th of July celebrations, many of them to children. Here are some fireworks safety tips to help avoid trips to the emergency room.

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