MSB - Magic School Bus - To the Artic

MSB - Magic School Bus - To the Artic
Ms. Frizzle is the weirdest teacher in the school. And weird things are always happening, but right now everything is getting too cold. Even the hot chocolate in the cafeteria gets cold before the kids can drink it. So, when the kids all ask “where did all the hot go?” Ms. Frizz is ready to take the kids on an adventure.

The magic school bus is going to the artic. And now instead of tires it has skis and tractor treads, but they can’t figure out a way to warm up the bus. With the heat escaping the kids figure they need a heat source.

They start a fire to warm up, and then realize that the ice they were standing on has cracked around them and they are floating away on an ice floe.

The warm of a polar bear works well as their magic school bus is shrunk via the porta-shrinker and the bus becomes as small as a bee’s knees.

A walrus tries to climb onto their ice floe and they almost tip over. They build an igloo and with the bus inside they have the opportunity to warm up – but when it all gets too warm the ice floe breaks into tiny pieces and they are rescued in the nick of time.

Another adventure that they won’t soon forget!

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Note: All Magic School Bus books are from my personal collection.

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