GM foods and conception

GM foods and conception
GM foods may not impact your fertility today, but it will impact the fertility rates in future generations. GM foods will also affect your health, so if you want to see your children grow up, stay away from "fake food."

I call genetically-modified ingredients "fake" because they are not natural. They are a man-made creation, and a sloppy one at that. I am a pharmacist, which most of you know, and I had to take a lot of science classes and labs. The experiments we did were very carefully conducted and documented so that our results could be considered valid.

Gene-splicing for genetic modification of plants is not so neat and clean. There is a gene that they want to transfer, but there is no way that they can prevent other genes from transferring over, too. That's why genetically-modified crops do not always do what they were intended to do. That's also why we don't know the full extent of what they do--because we don't know what to look for.

I can't believe that our government allows GM crops. In regards to a new drug, that drug will go through years of testing in animals and then humans before it is approved. Not that that process is perfect, we all know, but at least the drug has to show safety before it's broadly released. Even then, adverse events are tracked, and if they're especially rampant, the drug is recalled.

GM crops were forced on us without any such safety testing. In fact, it's the other way around--the companies making them and our own government claim that there is no reason to think that GM crops aren't perfectly safe. No testing is done, no tracking is conducted.

My motto is "anything you put in your mouth or on your body is a drug." The food we eat is no different than a drug in that it affects how our bodies operate.

In animal studies, it is very disturbing that animals fed GM foods have more trouble conceiving. Worse yet is that their offspring, by the third generation, are born sterile. Animals fed a diet of GM foods are also less healthy.

It seems that our government will not protect us from GM crops, but as a consumer, maybe we can make a movement that will protect us and future generations. Buy only foods labeled "non-GMO" or "organic." Write to companies and tell them that, while you love their products, you won't buy them anymore until they promise that the products are non-GMO.

What is really disturbing to me, though, is that non-GMO foods and organic foods are typically more expensive. This means that those at the lower socio-economic levels will suffer the most from the effects of GM foods. That seems like a "food genocide" to me. Doesn't that bother anybody else?

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