Dear Santa Help the Animals

Dear Santa Help the Animals
Dear Santa,

You are probably not getting much sleep, preparing for the holidays. However, Animal Life knows that you are enjoying a great cup of cocoa or that extra cup of coffee from Dean's Beans, because they are a fair trade company that makes sustainable growth, environmental responsibility, and wildlife preservation their first priority. Speaking of the holidays, please remind people that holly, poinsettia, and mistletoe are toxic to domestic pets, and that tinsel will cause intestinal blockage if consumed. Let people in North America know that the Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680 is available if they run into problems over the holiday season.

Unfortunately, there has also been a big issue with contaminated pet food and pet treats. It is so bad that thousands of animals suffer excruciating deaths, and all their human family members can do is watch it happen. Would you please supply families with healthy pet food that has never had a recall, like Earthborn Holistic pet food? Of course, for treats, Animal Life is certain that you have been reading our articles and have the elves fast at work in the kitchen making up the wholesome treat suggestions found here!

There is still a problem with people wanting to "own" animals not suitable as domestic pets. The wildlife would appreciate if you would include literature for these people with the inscription "If you truly admire this animal, leave it in the wild, and let it be free." When people take these animals out of their natural habitat they are affecting the livelihood of the species, disrupting nature's process, and supporting the toxic job of the poacher, who is a person without any moral center and will kill anything that gets in their way, which includes other endangered species and humans.

When you hand out gifts to people and animals, please make sure they are not made out of animal fur. There has been a problem with companies labeling items as "faux fur," which are not "faux" at all. The animals slaughtered to make this misrepresented product are oftentimes skinned alive, and no living entity should have to endure such a cruelty. Much of this cruelty happens in China. However, please do not send them coal because all they will do is burn it. Instead, would you please leave donation slips in their stockings to animal, wildlife, and environmental organizations that work towards stopping this kind of irresponsible behavior?

Please give a little extra something to the elementary students in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta who live downstream from the Tar Sands tailings ponds. They started a school movement to preserve the planet, bring awareness to the dangers humans and animals face from water pollution, and let Canada know that their friends and family members are dying from exposure to the toxic bitumen that Steve Harper, TransCanada, and Enbridge are trying to pitch to the world as "ethical" oil.

American farmers could use some ethical lawyers to stop Canada from claiming Eminent Domain on behalf of their country and stealing away United States land needed for growing crops and raising animals. Come to think of it, these farmers could also use help in shutting down the Monsanto abomination. This chemical factory, disguised as an agricultural company, threatens to take away whatever land is leftover, after Canada finishes pillaging the farmland, to grow GMO crops for animal and human consumption that are so toxic they are classified as pesticides.

On behalf of animals, human welfare, and the environment please give Canada's most impressive citizen, Pippa, "the rogue weathergirl," a studio that runs off solar power so she will always have a microphone feed. She puts her talent to work in such a way that enlightens others to the benefits of common sense thinking in an entertaining manner.

To every person who strives for positive, productive, sustainable change and the continued preservation of animal welfare, wildlife, and their habitats, a profound thank you for all of your efforts. You truly are Santa's helpers.

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