Pasta Grains Rice Carb Chart

Pasta Grains Rice Carb Chart
On a low carb diet pasta, grains, and rice are carbs to indulge in only occasionally. They give little nutrition and a ton of 'easy energy' to your body. While this is great for a farmer who works hard in a field, it's less helpful for the average office worker.

Most values are given for 1/2 cup of the food, unless noted. All carbs shown are effective carbs.

Buckwheat - 14g
Bulgur Wheat - 12.8g
Corn chips (100g serving) - 58g
Cornmeal (1 Tbsp) - 10.6g
Couscous - 17.1g
Cream of Wheat - 14.3g
Flour (1 Tbsp) - 11.5g
Gnocchi - 15.1g
Millet - 26.8g
Oatmeal - 10.6g
Pasta, egg noodles - 19g
Pasta, shells - 20g
Pasta, spinach - 15.9g
Pasta, whole wheat - 16.6g
Pasta, regular - 18.6g
Potato chips (100g serving) - 49g
Quinoa - 17g
Rice, basmati - 22.5g
Rice, brown - 20.6g
Rice, fried - 28g
Rice, white - 21.9g
Rice, wild - 16g
Tortilla chips (100g serving) - 63g

About Pasta Servings
Every nutrition label you read (at least in the United States) is always shown in serving sizes, in what you are ingesting. So if your pasta box says that a given serving is 20g of carbs, and that a serving size is 1/2 cup, then that is a half cup of edible pasta. They are telling you how much you should eat for a serving, and the effect that food will have on your body.

Sometimes they will tell you in addition how much dry pasta you need to start with in order to create that edible portion. But that is always secondary information. The nutrition information is for what you will ingest; what is sitting on your plate ready to put into your mouth.

So all of these values are the same thing. They are the amount you are about to eat, in a ready-to-eat pile on your plate.

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If you have any other grains, pastas, rice or other related items you would like to know the count values for, let me know!

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