Girl Scout Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Girl Scout Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
I grew up loving girl scout cookies. Is it possible to eat Girl Scout cookies and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Luckily, there are now sugar-free chocolate chip cookies from the Girl Scouts!

The cookies are about 2" in diameter, and you get about 15 of them in a box. A serving is technically listed as 3 cookies, but I think even the most restrained of us will probably eat six of them in a sitting. Hopefully we are learning not to eat an entire box at a time :)

If we go with their listed 3 cookie serving, that is 22g total carbs, minus 2g fiber and minus 7g sugar alcohols. That leaves 13g net carbs that affect you. The fiber content is great! Many people take fiber pills to only gain 2g of fiber, so getting them in cookie format is a nice bonus.

The sugar alcohols are a mixed blessing. On one hand they reduce the sugar in the food - but on the other hand some people get stomach distress from sugar alcohols. Make sure you try just one cookie and wait a few hours to see how they'll affect you before snarfing down an entire box.

So at 13g carbs for a serving, this can be a nice special treat with tea. If you escalate to 6 cookies for 26g, you can see how this can start to add up quickly. I would even recommend segmenting these out into ziplock bags to help you maintain a proper eating amount (and to help your cookies last longer - after all, you can't get these all year long!)

How about taste? They are nicely textured, have a good amount of chips, and all in all taste exactly like regular cookies. Bakers have really nailed the process of cooking with sugar alcohols by now. There are no strange tastes, no strange textures at all. It just like a "regular cookie" - but simply has less sugar.

I definitely support the Girl Scouts, and feel that the cookie sales cycle supports them very nicely. It helps the girls learn social skills, business skills, helps their troops get funds directly, and you get cookies out of it as well! Getting the sugar free variety helps you support them without compromising your own health.

Well recommended.

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