Low Carb Dessert Recipe Ingredients

Low Carb Dessert Recipe Ingredients
If you're interested in making low carb desserts, here is a list of ingredients that you should have - plus some great recipes to try out!

Splenda is the latest artificial sweetener, created from a sugar molecule. It is just as sweet as sugar, but doesn't cause cavities or let you gain weight. Unlike other sweeteners, it has been proven to be safe in numerous tests.
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Blackstrap Molasses
Molasses is in essence the byproduct when they process a sugar cane. It's dark brown, sweet and full of nutrients. The "first run" of the process creates a molasses that is very sweet and low in nutrients. That is normal molasses that you find on your grocery shelves. The THIRD run is where it is the darkest color, least sweet and most full of nutrients. That is blackstrap and that is what is used in most healthy cooking.

Vanilla Flavored Whey Protein Powder
This might seem unusual at first, but it is a key ingredient in many healthy recipes. You can find this sold in containers like vitamins are sold in at CVS and Drugstore.com and other nutritional locations. It is loved by athletes and is VERY high in nutrition. It has around 2g carbs per 24g of mix.

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
Unsweetened cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate have been used by bakers for centuries. This is the raw product of the cocoa bean, without any sugars added. If you add in your own Splenda, you end up with chocolatey treats that are perfect for any healthy diet!

Yogurt is in essence milk that has been curdled with bacteria. It is easy to digest and stores much better than milk does, which is why it was so popular in Turkey, where it was first developed. Even people who are unable to process milk well have an easy time with yogurt. Yogurt is great for desserts for this reason.

Keep these items in your fridge and shelves, and you'll be ready to make any number of low carb treats quickly and easily!

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