Star Blazers Episode Listing

Star Blazers Episode Listing
This is an episode listing for the three Star Blazers series.

Series 1: The Quest for Iscandar
1. SOS Earth! Revive Battleship Yamato!
2. The Opening Gun! Space Battleship Argo Starts!
3. Argo, Take Off! The Challenge of 296,000 Light-Years!
4. World of Wonder! Argo Leaps Past Light!
5. Escape the Floating Continent! Crisis Calls the Wave Motion Gun!
6. Space Destroyer Yukikaze Sleeps in the Icefield!
7. Argo Sinks! Fateful Battle to Destroy the Enemy Stronghold!
8. Argo Braves Death! Destroy the Reflection Satellite Gun!
9. Revolving Defense! Asteroid Belt!
10. Farewell, Solar System! From the Galaxy, With Love!
11. Resolution! Break Through the Gamilons' Absolute Defense Line!
12. Certain Death! The Wishing Star of Orion, Hell-Star!
13. Hurry, Argo! Earth is Suffering!
14. The Galaxy's Ordeal! The Year 2200 Advances!
15. Desperate Escape! The Galaxy's Different Dimension!
16. Planet Beeland, Underground Prison of Condemned Criminals!
17. Charge! Balanosaurus Special Attack Group!
18. Floating Fortress Island! Two Men Brave Death!
19. Homesickness of Space! My Mother's Tears Are My Tears!
20. The Day Planet Balan's Sun Dropped!
21. Desperate Challenge From Lysis' Fleet!
22. Decisive Battle! Fight for Honor at the Rainbow Star Group!
23. Finally Arrived! Crest of the Magellanic Cloud's Wave!
24. Death Struggle! God, Weep for the Gamilons!
25. Iscandar! A Dying Planet of Love!
26. Earth! Argo Returns!

Series 2: The Comet Empire
1. 2201: The Argo Returns!
2. The Comet Appears; Remodeling the Argo!
3. Earth's Crisis Awakens the Argo!
4. Blast off to the Unknown!
5. Open Main Guns! Target: Argo!
6. Heavy Fighting! The Space Marines!
7. Counterattack! The Invisible Space Submarine!
8. Space Storm! Escape Is Impossible!
9. Charge! Destroy the Argo!
10. Crisis Relief! The Roar of the Wave Motion Gun!
11. Leader Desslok, the Vengeful Demon!
12. Will the Argo Perish in the Hollow Planetoid?
13. Fierce Attack! The Telezart Landing Operation!
14. Counterstrike! The Discovery of Trelaina!
15. Trelaina: The Beginning of Love!
16. Trelaina: Farewell to Love!
17. Telezart—Disperse Into Space!
18. The Decisive Battle! All Ships, Combat-Ready!
19. Argo—Collision in Warp!
20. Argo—A Daring Surprise Attack!
21. Courage: The Death of Captain Gideon!
22. Argo, Fight to the Last!
23. The Destined Showdown!
24. Life and Death Struggle! Two Brave Men!
25. Strategic Invasion of the Imperial City!
26. Be Forever, Argo!

Series 3: The Bolar Wars
1. The Solar System Faces Destruction!
2. The Great Battle in the Milky Way!
3. Argo Sets Sail At Dawn!
4. Hit Mars!
5. SOS! Spaceship Legendra!
6. Fierce Battle Near Planet 11!
7. The Rough Seas of Planet Alpha!
8. The Last Pioneer!
9. Duel at Planet Barnard!
10. Counterattack of Dagon's New Fleet
11. Argo in Danger! The Demonic Cygnus Airspace!
12. The Penal Colony in Space!
13. Dreadful! The Bolar Federation!
14. The Dimensional Submarines: Galman Wolf!
15. The Argo Is Captured!
16. The Day of Desslok!
17. Critical Moment of Desslok's Empire!
18. The Angry Sun!
19. The Way to Planet Phantom!
20. Phantom Planet!
21. Shattered Hope!
22. Farewell, Planet of Dreams!
23. Fierce Battle! Skalagek Star Cluster!
24. The Secret of Planet Gardiana!
25. Argo, Shoot the Sun!

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