You Can Create Healthy Results Through Imagination

You Can Create Healthy Results Through Imagination
Albert Einstein believed “Your imagination is the preview to life’s coming attractions.” What do you think?

By effectively using your imagination you can create solutions to health problems or you can start from scratch with a healthy desire and imagine optimum health and fitness for yourself. This technique has been used throughout the ages with phenomenal success.

But, if it's possible to create healthy results, then why aren’t we busy doing it? Why aren’t we using our imagination creatively?

The fact is we’re always using our imagination to create - whether it's to create wanted things or unwanted things. The problem being that most people seldom focus their imagination in the direction of their desires. Instead of thinking about what they want, they consistently think about what they don't want - their resentments, problems and fears.

But even if you’re thinking about (imagining) what you want half the time and half the time you’re thinking about what you don’t want, what do you think you will end up with? Wouldn’t the two opposing imaginings just cancel each other out? More than likely, you'd end up with a big zero.

Now what if you were to spend 55% of your time joyfully imaging what you want. That would only leave 45% for worry, anger, fear, etc. Don’t you “imagine” that you would improve your results? And as you practice and learn to “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative,” don’t you “imagine” you could vastly improve your odds – maybe even up to 70, 80 or 90%? That way you could start creating your life and your health exactly the way you want it.

I think you can do it. And so does Albert Einstein. Because Einstein not only discovered the Theory of Relativity, he also knew that “Your imagination is the preview of [your] life’s coming attractions.”

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