God's Word - Anchor for the Storm

God's Word - Anchor for the Storm
Life is never easy. We have times of joy and happiness but after that there are the times of disappointment and sorrow. There are storms and earthquakes. There are draughts and floods. Watching the evening news can leave us trembling. Christians are not immune to the often terrifying storms of life. The label is not a 'fix' for the fear. Where is there a source of continued security and of courage?

In our humanness, we find many answers. We try self-help books. Look in any bookstore to find shelf after shelf loaded with books telling us how to do everything from getting a date to finding true happiness within.

We look for answers in the stars, finding guidelines for living in small pocket books sold in the grocery store check-out line or in heavy, detailed manuals with instructions on how to chart our life course.

Many of us simply make every effort to work harder and more efficiently, in hopes that the current storm will pass.

We often look for answers in another person whether he is a spiritual advisor or the love of our life.

Disappointment returns as we find that each fix is temporary at best.

Where does one find the permanent fix? Where do we find the anchor that keeps us steady during the inevitable storms?

The only true anchor is found in God's Word. Does this sound overly simplistic? So easy - just read the Bible. The beginning is easy. Pick up a Bible and read - everyday. After that, we must believe that it is true and we must begin to let go of all the other fixes that we hold dear. That is the difficult part. Holding on to the current fix makes us feel strong and secure, but in order to receive the peace and security that God offers we must direct our attention to Him only.
  • God's Word judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12
  • God's Word is like fire and like a hammer that crushes rock. Jeremiah 23:29
  • God's Word offers eternal life. John 6:68
  • We are sanctified by God's Word. John 17:17
  • Jesus said that we can't live only by taking care of our physical needs. We must have God's Word. Matthew 4:3
  • God's Word provides freedom and blessings. James 1:25

There is no fix that compares to God's Word. The winds will blow, our foundations may crumble, our boat may be battered but God's Word is durable and dependable. It is the only anchor that is sure and holds us steady for the long haul. It brings us peace and with that peace comes the courage to face whatever storms that are on the horizon.

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