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Each of these articles site scripture from several books of the Bible.

A Christian's Purpose star
There is much talk today, among earnest Christians, about finding one’s purpose. “I must find my place in this life.” “What is my purpose?” “What is my mission in life?”

A Christian's Responsibility star
Salvation is a free gift. Along with the gift comes responsibility.

God's Word - Anchor for the Storm star
Life is never easy. Storms, earthquakes, draughts, floods. Watching the evening news can leave us trembling.

Hell - A Scary Place star
Some of us have been throwing the word ‘hell’ around very loosely – so much so that it has lost its meaning. Some people, even religious people, will tell you that hell is not real – that it is just something used to scare children into behaving.

In God We Trust star
I want someone in whom I can trust my life and my eternity. So why trust in God?

Keeping Sunday Holy star
How much can a Christian do on Sunday, or the Sabbath, and still honor God?

Living a Holy Life star
"Be holy because I am holy." In thinking about this command; taking in the full scope of it, I see that it is no easy task.

Mankind, Salvation, and The Church star
These are my beliefs which form the basis for my feature articles for the Christian Living Site.

Millennium - Thousand Year Reign of Christ star
Many people talk about and have attempted to put down the exact order of the things to come when Christ returns. This article will discuss only one ‘short’ part of this time – 1000 years called the Millennium.

More About Magic, Divination and Witchcraft star
Part two of this article deals with God´s warnings as recorded in the Bible.

One Way to Heaven star
Jesus spoke of entering through the narrow gate instead of the wide that led to destruction. Would God actually limit is beloved children in this way?

Sins Are Forgiven – Now What star
Why is it that some of those sins of the past, forgiven by Jesus Christ, keep coming back?

The Bible star
Every word in it is meant to communicate directly with us. It teaches right living, corrects wrong thinking and trains in righteousness.

The Sustenance of God´s Word, the Bible star
Are you feeling unsatisfied? Developing the habit of daily Bible study to find true contentment.

What is Heaven ? star
James, in James 4:14, asks "What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes." What is next?

Will I Be Happy in Heaven ? star
I believe that what is waiting for us is far beyond our expectations and understanding of limited word pictures.

Worship star
Christians worship in many ways. The mode of worship has caused many disagreements within the church body.

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