Kumquat Ice Cream Topping Recipe

Kumquat Ice Cream Topping Recipe
Do you enjoy the orange - vanilla taste of a creamsicle? You can create the same result by creating a kumquat puree to top your low sugar ice cream, for a vitamin-C boost of dessert goodness!

Kumquat Ice Cream Topping Recipe To begin with, thoroughly wash the outsides of the kumquats to make sure they are clean. Lay out a cutting board and get a sharp tipped paring knife. You want to cut each kumquat in half lengthwise. The skins can be tough to slice through so I found it best to poke the tip of the knife into the skin to "break the seal" and then slice through the rest of it.

You want to remove the 1 or 2 seeds in each kumquat. They should be fairly obvious right in the center of the kumquat fruit. It's not awful to eat them, but it's better not to have that bitter flavor.

Cut about 6 of them for an average bowl of ice cream, and you can of course use more or less to taste.

Once the seeds have been removed, put the halves of the kumquats into the blender. Yes, you're going to blend the rinds. They are thin and tasty, and when you eat kumquats raw you eat them whole. The skins are part of the package.

Blend for maybe 20-30 seconds, until they are pretty well mashed but still have some texture.

Put a few scoops of a low sugar ice cream into a bowl - either that you've made or that your story carries - and put the kumquat mixture over the top of the ice cream. In this image I've added in sugar-free dark chocolate chips as well, because I find the tangerine flavor of the kumquat goes wonderfully with chocolate. You can of course have it without the chocolate if you prefer.

Kumquat Ice Cream Topping Recipe Enjoy!

Kumquats have 2g of net carbs per kumquat so this topping will have 12g total. If you want to use fewer because you're at a lower carb stage of your progress, then certainly only use a portion of the mix and store the rest in the fridge for another time.

You can't really just blend one kumquat - your blender would probably overheat - but you can certainly blend up a batch and then portion the mixture out over the course of a week.

Every kumquat has 1g of fiber - which is great for you - and 14% of your daily vitamin C. So be sure to multiply those values out by the number of kumquats you use in your topping.

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