Edamame Tunafish Recipe

Edamame Tunafish Recipe
This easy recipe for edamame tunafish only requires a microwave to steam the edamame, and you're set! A quick, easy, nutritious meal.

Edamame Tunafish Recipe
1 can tunafish
1 steamer bag of edamame

Put the steamer bag of edamame into your microwave. Usually it's about 3 minutes on high as it self-steams, plus another 2 minutes of resting time. While that is cooking, open up your can of tunafish and drain out the oil. My cat adores having the tunafish oil as a treat.

Mix the tunafish with about 1/4 cup of mayonnaise. People vary wildly as to how much mayo they like with their tunafish, so make it to your own personal preference. Mix in about 1/4 tsp of dill - again, more or less to your taste. Add in salt and pepper again to taste.

When the edamame is done with its cycle, mix in about the same amount of edamame as you have tuna. This will vary depending on how much mayo you used, but about a half cup.

Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

This is a delightful quick meal - the edamame adds a fresh texture to the tuna fish without changing the flavor profile much.

In terms of nutrition, the tuna has no carbs, the mayonnaise has no carbs, and the edamame has about 4g of net carbs plus 5g of fiber. So you're getting a great dose of fiber, which is very important for your health. You're getting iron, potassium, and vitamin C. All of this for hardly any carbs.

Some options here to liven this meal up are to add a variety of cheeses sprinkled over the top. You can go with the white-and-yellow shredded cheddar mixes which are found in most stores. For a more spicy flavor, you can mix in paprika or other types of pepper. You can also add in olives or capers for a more tangy flavor.

If you're looking for a larger meal, lay down a bed of lettuce first and use the tuna edamame as a topping for the salad. You can add in tomatoes and cucumbers in that case to build out the salad.


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