I Hear God's Voice Journal

I Hear God's Voice Journal
We have all heard Christians say, ‘I ‘hear’ God.’ I wonder how many believers actually ‘hear God or are just relying on their feelings coupled with their belief system? I wonder how many non-believers do not believe Christians hear God? Let me ask some simple questions:
* Do you ever say you heard God only to change what you first thought you heard to something different?
* Do you ever say you heard God then someone gave you different perspective that made more sense so you changed what you heard?
* Do you ever say you heard God but was unsure of acting on what you heard?
* Do you make excuses about not wanting to be wrong about hearing what God says?
* Do you not believe anyone can hear God?
* Do you every say you know something, just because you know? Could that be God speaking to you?
This past month I challenged myself and began a new journal called ‘Hearing God’s Voice’ to see all the ways God spoke to me and how I reacted to the voice and words I heard.

God’s voice is not a feeling. God’s voice is not an uncertainty. God’s voice is real, active and surrounding each believer at every moment of the believers life. Let us examine what information should go into ‘Hearing God’s Voice’ journal, for a believer or non-believer.

For the believer you will need a list of Scripture that speaks about God speaking to the prophets, apostles and us. Use these are your measuring tool, and remember God has even spoke through a donkey! You will be surprised to see all the different ways God speaks to His creation.

For the non-believer you will need a list of impressions and catch phrases you use often. Catch phrases like: ‘Angels must be watching over me today!’ or ‘It was a miracle’ or ‘The devil made me do it.’ This journal is for you to see the moments in your life that something higher than youself and your choices interviened and reached out to you. These can begin as your measuring tool, and remember a woman’s intuition is a powerful thing! You will be surprised at the comments and God acknowledgements you actually use, even as a non-believer.

Each day you reflect on the days’ activities. Write down phrases you heard yourself say or moments that you just knew were meant to be. What caused you to ‘hear’ enough to act and what did you ‘hear?’ For the Christian you will want to refer to your list of Scripture to see confirmation of God’s voice. For the non-believer you will want to be honest about the phrases you use, when they were used, why they were used and how did you feel when you said them.

So far I have done this challenge for one month and found God speaking to me through strangers, Star Trek Voyager, a friends pet, non-believers, nature and a host of other ways. Some were words of encouragement while others were warnings. At times I heard Him show me more of His attributes (Star Trek Voyager) while calming my heart through examples in nature. The month was exciting. What a blessing (and need!) it was to know God was speaking directly to me.

My challenge for you this month is to begin a ‘Hearing God’s Voice’ journal. I have created a spiral bound journal using a template I created. The ‘Hearing God’s Voice’ journal will be available for purchase inside the Bellaonline Journals mobile APP this Friday. If you do not have an Android phone just email me and I will send you the link to purchase this journal.

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