Third Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow

Third Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow
The third chakra is that of the solar plexus. This is located below your ribs near your stomach. Interestingly, with the word "solar" in this chakra's name, its color is yellow.

In essence your solar plexus is a group of nerves that has a very 'radiating' appearance to it, which is why it got its name. This chakra is in control of your energies and activities. It controls the things you choose to do and why you choose to do them.

If your solar plexus chakra is healthy, you will make wise decisions in your life, choose to work on projects that are worth your time and feel content with the results you achieve.

If you are having problems with your solar plexus chakra, you could make bad judgement calls or head down paths which are clearly bad for you. You could also become a workaholic, pouring far too much time and attention into a given part of your life.

If the problem is that you are not finding the right paths or applying yourself properly to a chosen path, it's time to find some honey calcite, topaz or amber. The solar plexus is like a powerhouse, if you focus on the area you should feel its warmth radiating out. Imagine a beautiful yellow flower opening its petals wide here.

If the issue is that this chakra is over energised compared to the others and you are over working or trying to go ahead too fast then gently close the yellow petalled flower. Take time to be patient and seek the correct balance.

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