Flat Belly Diet - Book Review

Flat Belly Diet - Book Review
The Flat Belly Diet is in essence a low carb diet that focuses on MUFAs - MonoUnsaturated Fatty Acids. These healthy fats can help you become more healthy.

The Flat Belly Diet For those who like to know why they're taking a certain path in life, the book goes into great details about what MUFAs are, why they are good for you, what visceral fat is, how it is measured, and much more. You learn about how these fats protect your heart and ward off diabetes. You learn the history of why fats were once vilified and are now praised. For people who like investigating the details, this is great! For those who get bored with "why" and just want to skip to the "how", that's easy too. Just turn a few chapters :).

The message of the book has been confirmed in many scientific studies. Eat more olive oil. Eat more avocados. Get those healthy fats into you.

Of course the book doesn't stop there. It assumes, if you need the book, that your overall eating system is probably less than healthy. It talks about going for walks after meals, to help your system digest properly. It recommends eating slowly so you can hear your body's "I'm full" message. Eat with pretty plates and glassware, fresh flowers, and small sized bowls to help your mealtime be both enjoyable and satisfying. Eat small, regular meals, and include those MUFAs at every meal.

Did you know oils can start to go bad after only 2 months, and nuts after 3 or 4? Buy smaller jars, make sure they are dark jars, and use them frequently.

The book goes beyond just eating. Forgive who you are angry with. The stress is only hurting you. Journal your feelings and eating habits. There are real life stories interspersed to help you see how this all works, and how real people can find success.

And then there are recipes. Tons and tons of recipes. Almond-encrusted chicken breast. Spaghetti squash casserole. Each lays out the nutritional information. There are meal plans and exercise tips. So pretty much everything you need for success.

One down side is that there are no photos with the recipes. If we could have photos of all the success stories, surely we could have photos of the things we're eating?

It's also fair to say that the book is fairly large. There are some who will feel intimidated / worn down by the background information presented and just want to "get to the story". But I guess I don't see the downside of a book presenting too much information. If you don't need the exercise information, you don't have to read it. By having everything in the book, it ensures that those who DO need it have it there.

Well recommended.

I was sent a review copy of this book by the publishers.

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