Ten Ways to Pray for Your Town

Ten Ways to Pray for Your Town
A change in the environment of our cities and our country requires prayer. Many Christians, although they say that they believe in prayer, fail to believe that their own fervent prayer will make a difference. (James 5:15-16) The bible assures us that God hears each prayer and sees each tear. (2Kings 20:5) Use the following suggestions to begin praying for your town and expect to see God’s work.
  1. Start at home:
    Pray for any unknown sin to be revealed. Repent of each sin. Pray for God’s will to be done in your life. Express your desire to pray for your town and ask him to show you specific places that need prayer. Pray for ways to show God’s love to your neighbors.

  2. Your street:
    Pray for the people on your street. Pray that brotherly love between the people will grow and be evident. Pray for disagreements to be peacefully resolved. Pray for the neighborhood to be protected against crime and for peace to be manifested.

  3. Your neighborhood:
    Pray for the neighborhood beyond the street you live on. Pray that the peace and neighborly love will continue to spread outward throughout the neighborhood.

  4. The Schools: Pray for the schools. Pray for teachers who are anointed by the Holy Spirit. Pray for the children to be protected from false teaching. Pray for the spirit of love to grow within the schools and for evil to be kept away.

  5. The People:
    Pray for the people of your town to hunger for the word of God. Pray that they will be drawn to the churches and pray for the salvation of many souls.

  6. Families:
    Pray for peace and harmony to abound within families. Pray for husbands and wives to unite as one in the raising of children and work in the community. Pray for marriages to be restored and strengthened.

  7. Churches:
    Pray for the churches of the community to be united in one heart. Pray that all Christian churches will remember that we are all part of one church of Jesus Christ.

  8. Government:
    Pray for the Mayor and City Council to have wisdom and discernment in making decisions to govern the town. Pray for the police and law enforcement in your town to be discerning and merciful. Pray that crime will be detected early and stopped before it spreads. Pray that law enforcement officials will be protected from evil forces both physical and spiritual.

  9. Homeless and Jobless:
    Pray for the homeless and jobless of your town to receive financial blessings. Pray that they are strengthened and encouraged by an out-pouring of love and helpful resources.

  10. Freedom for prisoners:
    Pray that people will be set free from drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction, p*rnography addiction and immorality.

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