Precious Silence

Precious Silence
How often are you quiet? How long can you sit without the distraction of television, computer, cell phone or the voices of other people? We are so accustomed to the constant noise level in our homes and work places that we are often uncomfortable with quiet.

How long can you sit without making a mental list of chores that need done, decisions to be made, plans for the future? It is estimated that the average adult in the US makes 35,000 decisions a day. That involves a lot of mental activity.

With all the noise and distractions in every day, how do you hear God’s voice? When you sit down (do you sit down?) to pray, do you present your list of requests, say Amen and go on about your day? Certainly there are times when all we can do is spend a few precious minutes to acknowledge God before we are called to urgent responsibilities. However, in order to grow closer to Him, special, designated time must be set aside.

Doesn’t your Creator - the One who holds your life in His hands - deserve more time and more attention?

Read Isaiah 30:15 in your bible.
This passage says that repentance and rest is salvation, quietness and trust is strength. In this passage, Isaiah was speaking to the nation of Israel. The people were frightened of neighboring countries planning to invade. Israel was making plans to form alliances with other nations in hopes that they would be protected from attack. Isaiah reminded them of the Source of their salvation and strength but they would have none of it.

We are like that. Even in prayer, we tell God of our worries and immediately start working on the remedy we have in mind. Repentance and rest is our salvation, quietness and trust is our strength; but we will have none of it.

Another passage from Isaiah says that the one whose mind is steadfast will be kept in perfect peace because he trusts in God. (Isaiah 26:3) Perfect peace is something that few of us know. Perhaps it is because we don’t place all of our trust in to One who can give it.

Surrender that will of yours that expects an immediate and a particular answer to problems. Rest and receive whatever God gives you. Trust the outcome to God. He longs to be gracious to you and He rises to show you compassion. (Isaiah 30:18)

Here’s a challenge.
Set aside time for God. Go into a room, or closet, close the door. Shut out distractions - no radio, TV, cell phone, etc. No mental lists of what you will accomplish after you pray. Begin prayer with adoration* and thankfulness. Tell Him your concerns but forego the possible answers. So often we are so busy presenting our ideas to God that we can’t hear what He has to say to us. Sit quietly, comfortable in His presence. If no answer comes, trust that it will and leave it in His hands.
  • 1. The act of paying honor, as to a divine being; worship
  • 2. Reverent homage.
  • 3. Fervent and devoted love.

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