Lisa's Daily Breakfast

Lisa's Daily Breakfast
Many people ask what I have for breakfast every day on my low carb lifestyle. Here's the routine I have each morning - and I look forward to it eagerly.

EAS ShakeEAS Chocolate Fudge Shake
I absolutely crave this when I first wake up each morning. It's like how some people crave coffee. I crave my EAS shake. When I travel I bring them with me because I'll be sad if I don't have one. We are all different, but for me this is just right. It has protein, fiber, vitamins, and a delicious flavor. I have mine over ice.

For those who wonder if it'll be enough, for me it's actually too much. I sip at it over the morning and never get all the way through it. My boyfriend ends up drinking what I have left over.

Carb: 2.5g net carbs

Fiber Choice
The shake has under 1g of fiber so I definitely need more fiber in my diet. I do eat fiber-rich food but even so it's hard to reach the advised levels of fiber each day through diet alone. So I eat 3 chewy Fiber Choice tablets each morning with my shake. That gives 9g of fiber. You ingest about 1g of net carbs.

Nature's Bounty C-500
I'm a strong proponent of Vitamin C. Yes, I aim for foods rich in Vitamin C but again it's hard every day to get the doctor recommended amounts. Note that the value you want to ingest is far higher than the RDA value which is just the minimum to prevent scurvy. The vitamins have less than 1g of net carbs.

Centrum Chewables Orange Flavor
While gummy vitamins are cute, they often don't have ample amounts of the various vitamins. I'm pleased with the Centrum chewables offering. They make a variety of must-swallow vitamins so they in general know what they're doing. They're not a "kids" option - they're an option for people who can't easily swallow things.

Again, I do understand that it's important to eat healthy natural foods. Still, it's nearly impossible to arrange a diet for a day which provides 100% of every single vitamin your body needs. This vitamin helps to fill in the gaps that happen.

It has under 1g of net carbs.

Tums Sugar-Free Orange Cream
Calcium is just so important for your bone health. Many adults become sensitive to lactose - in evolutionary terms milk was for babies, not for middle-aged women. So supplementing calcium becomes quite important for bone and teeth health. I take 2 Tums tablets every morning which adds in 60% of my calcium needs. I got 11% from the Centrum and 10% from the EAS shake so I'm at least making some progress toward the minimum amount. I always have cheese on my salad at lunch so that helps too.

In any case, this has 1g of sugar.

I'm just not good at swallowing pills. I choke on them. So, for me, the chewable vitamins are a better option.

So overall, in terms of carbs, my breakfast has 4.5g of carbs in it. That quite easily fits into my daily carb allotment to maintain my weight, which is around 130 pounds. It also gives my body - which has just come off of a long "fast" of sleep - the nutrients it needs to repair cells, fuel metabolism, and do all those important activities which keep my body in healthy shape.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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