It's Worship not American Idol

It's Worship not American Idol
In my home church, we are blessed to have a very talented music pastor and many talented musicians. You may call them the worship leader and the worship team. Whether it is traditional hymns or contemporary praise music, the singing and the music are always beautiful and perfectly performed. Not every church is as fortunate.

A few weeks ago, I visited another church, which brings me to the point of this article. The worship leader at that church was not as gifted as the worship leader in my church. The worship team - musicians and singers - were not as talented as the team I was accustomed to hearing.

I began to think about the performance. One singer's voice could have been stronger, someone was not in tune, one of the guitars was too loud. Then, it came to me; this is worship, not American Idol. Why was I there? To worship my Lord or to judge the competency of the entertainment? On the stage, were Christian men and women - my brothers and sisters - serving the church by using their God-given abilities to worship God.

People have different ideas of a definition for the word worship. The dictionary gave several definitions. I've listed the ones appropriate to the Christian.
Among them are:

Reverent honor and homage paid to God.

Formal or ceremonious rendering of such honor or homage such as a worship service.

Adoring reverence or regard.

I was sitting in this church, but where was the adoring reverence and regard? My body was attending a worship service, but my heart was far from paying reverent honor and homage to God. As is often true, I required repentance before I could approach the throne. My critical spirit was keeping me away. I'm thankful my Lord reminded me of the purpose for the service before I wasted the time spent in his house. Every minute in his presence is precious. I had almost missed it.
  • The people on stage were worshiping with their talent. They sang out their love for God.

  • Those of us in the audience worshiped when we sang along. We joined together in our belief of the words.

  • We all worshiped when we gave our tithes and offerings. We gave back to God what he provided.

  • We worshiped when we prayed together and when we prayed silently. We opened our hearts to him.

  • We worship when we open our hearts to our great God.

  • We worship every time we share the gospel and tell of our trust in Jesus Christ.

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