Snack Frequently and Wisely

Snack Frequently and Wisely
The key to any healthy eating plan is to keep your body in a constant flow of nutrients and energy. Balance is key - you are aiming not to overload your system while also not allowing a deficit to occur.

The human body needs nutrients 24 hours a day, and needs energy to do its various functions. A lot of how the body regulates its systems is via your blood sugar. If the blood sugar dips too low, the body craves sugary foods and is hungry. If the blood sugar soars to high, other problems happen. So the ideal is for the blood sugar to stay at an even keel - enough to do what needs to be done, not not enough so that excess sugars are turned into fat.

So while our grandparents were told to eat three times a day and not touch food at other times, we know far better nowadays. You should not go over four hours without something to eat. In addition, you should have water near you pretty much at all times. Hydration is critical for the body's metabolism to functino properly.

This isn't to say that you should gorge on chocolate cake between meals! If you are eating frequently, your body doesn't need high doses of sugar. Great snacks include celery sticks, carrot sticks, broccoli heads, and other high fiber vegetables. There are thousands of great snack recipes that give you healthy nutrients and keep your blood sugars even.

Keep a water glass near your desk, and refill it when it gets low. The regular intake of water helps to flush toxins from your system and let your cells move nutrients in and out as necessary.

When you travel, carry healthy snacks with you. Keep them stocked in your car, in your purse, at your office, and in your home. There are many pre-packaged bars on the market but you can easily make something far cheaper if you plan ahead.

If you put in the investment to keep your body well nourished, it will reward you by finding and maintaining a healthy weight! Every day is a fresh opportunity to treat your body with loving care. You deserve it - there's only one you!

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