Kozy Shack Apple Pie A La Mode

Kozy Shack Apple Pie A La Mode
Kozy Shack Apple Pie A La Mode is a low calorie snack which attempts to replicate an apple pie with ice cream on it. It is relatively close to this flavor, and does have relatively low calories and carbs.

The container is probably 80% the creamy a la mode substance and only 20% apple. The plastic container has the apple around the lower outside edge so they expect you to scoop down to get each spoonful with a portion of each of the two items. If you "stir it up" then it ends up being mostly cream with an apple hint of flavor, which is not nearly as satisfying.

Each cup of Kozy Shack Apple Pie A La Mode has 10g of carbs, minus the 3g of fiber leaves you with 7g of net carbs. This is quite good for a dessert style snack. It is "no sugar added" but of course apples have a lot of natural sugar in them. There are 70 calories, 2g of fat and no trans fats.

There are also 2g of protein and you get 8% of your calcium here. I really don't recommend eating this for nutritional reasons though :) You would eat this to help wean yourself off of higher sugar alternatives, on a way down towards more healthy / natural desserts and treats.

How about the flavor? The cinnamon is a bit fake tasting, and the "ice cream" of course is not very ice creamy at all. It tastes more like an apple danish than an apple pie a la mode.

I have to admit here that the flavor review of all of this is coming from my boyfriend. The food looks far too "fake" for me to want to eat it. He is much more of a junk food eater than I am. He did eat down several servings of this to help me test it - but he would not get it again. The flavor was not appealing enough for him to enjoy the experience. Me, I wouldn't eat it in the first place. I see now draw in eating fake apple pie with fake ice cream in it, as a "treat". If I wanted a treat I would eat fresh raspberries, fresh blueberries, maybe with some low-sugar actual real ice cream.

Summary? If you had an apple type of sugar-filled dessert that you were weaning yourself off of, then by all means this will be a good stepping stone for you. However, I wouldn't recommend someone get this as a random dessert to enjoy.

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