Numerology and Your Personal Year

Numerology and Your Personal Year
You may already know your personal life path number, but did you know that you also have a personal year number that cycles from one birthday to the next? The numerology of your personal year will be about the influences of that particular year (from birthday to birthday), along with your life path number.

To calculate your personal year, simply add your month of birth, date of birth, and the current year. For example, we are currently in the year 2016, so those born on July 20 would add 7 + 20 + 2016, or

7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 18

Then you’ll break down any double digits by adding them. So, 18 becomes 1 + 8 = 9.

So, if your birthday is July 20th, your personal year for the year 2016 would be a “9.”

Keep in mind that if you have any master numbers (11, 22, 33) you won’t want to break those down, but still consider the energies of the 2, 4 and 6.

Personal Year Meanings:

1 - Those in a 1 year are at the beginning of a brand new cycle; it’s planting the new seeds, and will require planning and creating. It may be literally time to start something new too, like a new career, or moving to a new location. Or it may be a renewal of something, like recommitting to a relationship, getting some retraining, or more education.

2 - This year is about tending the garden of the seeds planted in the 1 year. This year is about cultivating relationships, interacting with others, and creating a support system that allows you to continue to help your garden grow. We are in a co-creative relationship with many people throughout our lives, and during this time we are nurturing those relationships that support us, and learning to let go of the ones that are no longer working.

3 - Those in a 3 year are more fully expressing their creations! The seeds have sprouted, but need protection and support because they are still very fragile. Up until now, creation has been more in your visioning process. Now it’s actually beginning to manifest, and needs the support of your faith. As your creation is in the first stages of its growth, you will be vulnerable to criticism about it. Take care to nurture it, and yourself. Focus on optimism and joy.

4 - Those in a 4 year are now seeing the foundation for their creative efforts becoming stronger. During the 4 year you want to review what you’ve been doing, and reevaluate your choices and actions. What has worked? What hasn’t worked? Do you need to reestablish your routine, or change it?

5 - This is a year of opportunity and possibility, and a time to celebrate your efforts over the last four years. Your creation is now strong enough to support itself, and support you! You’ll now have many new opportunities because of your endeavors.

6 - You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to share your efforts with others. Celebrate, allow yourself more social time, and nurture relationships. Appreciate all you have created, and honor your successes. A time for family and friends.

7 - This year is more about enjoying the fruits of your labor. Appreciate what is working in your life; what brings abundance, love, health, and kindness. This is a good year for inner reflection, study, and learning, while also allowing the abundance and creativity to continue to flow.

8 - This year is about reaping the rewards for the actions you have taken over the last seven years! This year can actually be challenging if you haven’t chosen for your highest good over the last seven years. So you may need to work through issues of abundance, and do the inner work that helps you become a better receiver.

9 - This is the year for quiet reflection and acceptance of what has been, for this leads to wisdom that will help prepare you for the next nine year cycle. Let go of any old baggage, and focus on what you appreciate. Use this time to focus on humanitarian efforts, sharing, kindness, and compassion. This is the year to do good works for your tribe, and to hold a global vision of love and unity.

11 - As an 11 is a master number (that adds up to 2), an 11 year would be about the higher vibrations of a 2 year. It’s a year where you can expect to be called to greater service, and experience expanded intuitive insights and soul growth.

22 - Another master number, those in a 22 year will have the opportunity to lay the foundation for something on a huge scale! Organization and planning will play an important part in a 22 cycle, along with a practice of self-discipline.

33 - This master number is about possibility and potential on a greater scale. It’s important to remember to be responsible for the energy you bring to any given situation. When done with love, you have the power to influence a course of action that affects the greater good.

You can attract great harmony into your life by honoring the rhythm of your personal year. Often people become stuck in a particular cycle, and are unable to move forward until they resolve any issues related to that cycle. Don’t try to re-do cycles, just start from where you are now, and make choices that honor your divine nature. As long as you continue to honor your divinity, you'll back into the supportive rhythm of your personal year.

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