New York Style Pita Chips

New York Style Pita Chips
If you're in the mood for a potato chip style snack, pita chips are much healthier for you. These New York Style pita chips have no trans fats and are lightly salted.

I'm a fan in general of pita chips, with their texture that is much more hefty than potato chips. They are great for holding solid dips including hummis. They have a mild but generally nice flavor. They're great with melted cheese and a number of other recipe styles.

In eating these New York Style pita chips, I found them to have several issues. Many of them had an "overcooked" flavor which was not very tasty. A fair number of them were folded over or stuck together, meaning I was getting too much chip compared to the dip I was eating them with.

For 7 pieces of chip - their stated serving size - there are 15g of net carbs - with zero fiber. There are 1.5g saturated fat. Even at "lightly salted", there is still 340mg of sodium, which is 14% of your daily intake.

There is 6% of your iron in here, but that's about it as far as nutrition goes.

If you are comparing these against potato chips, you definitely have a win here. They are bread based and much healthier than potato based chips are. On the other hand, if you are comparing them against other pita chips, I have tried many other pita chip brands and simply enjoy them much better.

There is a point in their favor - we found them in massively large 1 pound 8 oz bags. This could be perfect if you're throwing a party and need a lot of pita chips available. Again, there's a downside though. The pita chips I normally get are in small bags, so I only open them when I need them and don't worry about the extra getting stale or tempting me into over-eating. With this gigantic bag, I have to pretty much commit myself to eating pita chips non-stop for a week or two, to eat them before they start to dry out.

Please be sure to let me know your thoughts on these pita chips and other pita chips. And remember, don't overdo these sorts of things. When you're snacking, try to go for veggies - they will fill you up AND have a lot of nutrition in them.

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