When Vibrational Therapies Don't Work

When Vibrational Therapies Don't Work
Vibrational therapies have been pretty popular in the new age and metaphysical communities since the 1970s! And they’ve been rapidly gaining popularity in the Holistic and Naturopathic communities for over twenty years.

The most well-known vibrational modalities include:

• Acupressure
• Energy healing
• Reiki healing
• Homeopathy
• Flower essences
• Essential oils
• Gem elixirs
• Crystal healing

There are many people who swear that they’ve had profound healing experiences using one or more of these modalities. And in my own career as a Holistic Health Practitioner, and Vibrational Healer, I have personally witnessed thousands of people benefit from them.

Suffice it to say, it can be very disappointing to try them and have little or no improvement in your own physical well-being. Especially when your friends or co-workers keep going on about how great they are!

To understand this perplexing dilemma, you first need to be really clear about what vibrational therapies are, and what they are capable of.

Vibrational therapies are energy based modalities that address the energetic blocks and restrictions that keep your vital force energy from working in harmony with your physical body. So any shift in the energy field will then cause a shift at the physical level, so that physical healing and well-being may occur.

However, vibrational therapies require your full complement of energetic resources to be present so the healing process can be activated. You see, it may be the vibrational therapy that activates healing at an energetic level, but it’s your own energy field that then actives the healing process (with the help of vibrational therapy) in the physical and emotional body. Only then do you experience well-being.

So for vibrational therapies to work most effectively, all of your energy has to be present.

But why wouldn’t your energy be fully present?

You can time travel by using your imagination; you direct your energy through your thoughts and intentions, so you may travel to a future event to imagine the possibilities. This can be energizing because of the potential the future holds.

You can also send your energy into past events where you experienced great happiness. This is also energizing because the situation adds to your well-being through feelings of joy.

But your energy can also get stuck in the past if you ever experienced trauma, or heartache. If you in any way blame the past for your present circumstances, this can keep your energy stuck in that event. This is like paying for all the utilities in your home, and then selling your home and moving away, and continuing to pay for all the utilities. That would increase your financial burden, and may make it hard to pay the utilities in the home you live in now!

It may be true that a past event continues to haunt you, causing pain and difficulty in your life now. But as long as you dwell on it, or ask questions that can’t be answered, like “why did this have to happen to me,” your energy will remain stuck in that past event. And this means it’s not in your present moment – and it’s this lack of energy that causes vibrational therapies to be less effective.

To call your energy back into the present moment takes courage and forgiveness, because the process is not an easy one! You have to be able to take responsibility for your choices from this point forward. Yes, it’s true that someone else’s negative choices may have harmed you, but as long as you can blame them for your pain, they hold your energy captive, and control your happiness.

To activate your healing process at an energetic level, consider working with Eucalyptus Essential Oil, diluted in a carrier oil, and rubbed on the spine. On an emotional level, it provides the courage to be willing to start the healing process.

Also consider have a chakra analysis to discover the imbalances in your chakras. But, rather than focusing on the reason for the imbalance, take a physical action that supports that particular chakra’s well-being. Physical activity that supports well-being will go a long way to restoring lost energies.

Finally, remember that you are an energy being, and you can call your energy back to you with your intention. No person, situation, or event, can ever hold more of your power than you, especially once you have awareness of what’s happening.

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