VitaMuffin Chocolate Muffins

VitaMuffin Chocolate Muffins
If you're the type of person who loves muffins in the morning, take heart. The VitaMuffin is only 100 calories, and profides a good supply of vitamins, fiber and calcium. It's far healthier than a regular muffin!

Regular muffins get stale in no time on your shelves - but these muffins live in your freezer, individually wrapped, where they stay perfectly fresh and ready for you, until you are prepared to defrost them. You simply pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds, and they come out warm and yummy!

I love the deep chocolate variety, but they have many others - banana nut, multi bran, cran bran, bluebran, and more. They have options that are sugar free and fat free to match your living style.

For the chocolate version, you get 50% of many vitamins, plug 6g of fiber and 4g of protein. I'm not saying that you should take these INSTEAD of a full multi-vitamin, but getting extra vitamins in your diet in your food is always recommended. Fiber is, of course, key for healthy living!

How do they tase? I really love the chocolate muffins. It is a decadent pleasure for me to eat them. You can nibble one along with a cup of coffee or tea and really feel like you're having a treat - but of course it's healthy!

Now, keep in mind that these have chocolate and wheat flour, so they aren't zero carb. They have 100 calories and 16g of carbs per muffin. Having one is fine - having all four in the box is a different story in one serving :).

Are there any downsides? Well, you're buying four muffins at a time, in a box. If you have a muffin-a-day habit, that means you come home with two boxes and have to go out and buy more every week. But really, that would be true no matter where you were buying the muffins from. And, as I said, if they're in the freezer, they're not going stale. So if you decide to eat something else for a few days, you're not wasting food. They're sitting there safe and sound, ready for when you are in the mood for muffins again.

Highly recommended!

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