Overcoming Psychic Attack

Overcoming Psychic Attack
Full blown psychic attack is fortunately quite rare, however everyone has come across lesser forms of ill wishing at some point in their lives. The malicious thoughts of others can disrupt your energy and upset your peace of mind. Here I look at strategies to turn aside and neutralise psychic attack and ill wishing.

First let me say that none of us are completely innocent, we all have probably engaged in some form of negative thinking centred on an individual who has upset us, angered us, or got something that we wanted (job, partner, house, car, you fill in the blank). So before pointing the finger at another for their unenlightened behaviour, reflect for a moment on whether you have ever sent someone less than loving thoughts and recognise that at this stage in our human evolution the urge to blame, to envy another’s success, or to think vengeful thoughts is unhealthy, but not at all uncommon. It is rare to find someone who genuinely and completely wishes everyone well all the time! That is indeed a noble goal and well worth aspiring to.

Just as with physical, mental or emotional bullying, someone who is attacking on a psychic level aims to dominate the other, to impose their will and to engage their target’s fear response. A persecutor wants to exert power over their intended victim. If you fall into victim mentality then your fearful thoughts empower and prolong any attack.

If you keep your energy field strong, do not play the victim and do not engage with the drama of the situation you are less likely to be affected by someone’s malicious thoughts. Ill wishing aimed at a person with a strong energy field and an unconcern about what someone else may or may not be thinking of them falls like proverbial ‘water off a duck’s back’. Therefore the first strategy for neutralising the effects of psychic attack is the most important:

Step out of the drama. You must disengage from it in your mind. I know that is easier said than done if your thoughts are running along well worn grooves, but understand this, your thoughts are energy. They are fuelling the situation and giving it power over you. To neutralise the attack you must pull the plug on the energy source; your own thought patterns.

At first you may intend to disengage and moments later your mind is back on it. Your thoughts behave like a poorly trained dog. You may have to order them to, “Leave!” many times before your mind stops worrying on that same old bone. Be persistent. Whenever you catch yourself thinking fearful thoughts consciously divert your mind. This may happen hundreds of times a day if you have fallen into obsessive thinking. Here’s a short affirmation you can use to repeatedly interrupt obsessive thoughts:

My mind is my own. I am free to think new and positive thoughts.

Create Stronger Energetic Boundaries
Some people are strong and whole unto themselves. Their energetic boundaries are resilient because they are not looking outwards for approval. Look at your own energy. Where do you make yourself vulnerable? Self-doubt, lack of self-worth, feelings of not being good enough, or playing the victim? You can work on these aspects of your persona using self help books, or by consulting with a good therapist. Working towards a sense of self empowerment is always worthwhile.

Meanwhile strengthen your auric boundaries. Sensitive people can have very porous boundaries. They let everything and everyone into their energy field, the good, the bad and the indifferent. Create a strong protection around your aura. Use your imagination. Does your aura need a Teflon coating so that barbed comments and harmful thoughts simply slide off? Do you feel better if you imagine yourself clothed in armour, like a knight of old?

Several crystals are good at reinforcing your energetic boundaries and deflecting harmful energies. Try working with goldsheen obsidian, or iron pyrites.

Disconnect on a physical level
Ideally in the case of full on psychic attack you need to release that person from your life. See and speak with them as little as possible, or not at all. Communication by telephone, email, text or letter also provides an energetic connection. Let go of any objects, such as gifts, or photographs that connect you to them. This step is pointless if you are going to continue to allow your obsessive negative thought patterns to run amok.

If you feel malice is coming at you from someone you have to interact with, perhaps work or share a house with, minimise the amount of physical time you spend with them. You can disconnect fully and consciously from their energy as soon as you have parted company. Imagine a golden guillotine coming down between you and severing any energetic connections. If you have been thinking obsessively about them then any energy cords are as likely to have been formed by you as by them. Disconnect!

Forgive them
I can hear you now, “Are you mad? Let them get away with what they’ve done to me? I want them to suffer!”

Some people advocate retaliation and you’ll find visualising mirrors recommended as psychic protection. I don’t believe this helps dissolve an attack. Mirroring the energy straight back can end up as a game of psychic ping pong with the energy being returned ‘with gusto’ so that each round feels nastier than the last. That is pretty much how wars start!

I believe you need to forgive. Forgiveness fully releases the connection and allows you both to move on with your lives. Whilst you want retribution you will never be free. Let it go. Forgiveness cannot be faked and it has to be worked on, but you can do it. Someone who genuinely forgives is no longer in the thrall of Victim and Persecutor relationships. You have disconnected the flow of energy and you have stepped out of the drama.

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