A New Direction for America

A New Direction for America
Are you worried about the rising cost of housing, paying for a tank of gas, the cost of paying for your heath care? Then help is on the way, the Democrats have chosen to stand with the working and middle class. To complement their national security plan, Real Security, they have now unveiled their domestic agenda. The Democrats are prepared to take America in a new direction. They will reverse the trend of cutting taxes for the wealthiest few. The working and middle class will no longer be expected to bear the cost of government while the richest one percent skates free.

It is time to Audit the books of our governmental agencies; it is time for no new deficit spending. Let us not burden future generations with mountains of debt. We know that under President Clinton we were able to do this. If we had stayed on the pay as you go plan we would have been debt free as a nation by 2008, instead we have record deficits. The budget discipline of the 1990’s, not only reduced the deficit, but spurred record economic growth. Fiscal responsibility is very important, and while not always easy, the hard choices must be made.

In the richest country in the world, minimum wage workers live in poverty. House Democratic Whip, Senator Hoyer, pointed out that a minimum wage worker must now work a full day to pay for a tank of gas. Democrats will help working families. They are promising a raise to every minimum wage worker the day they take control of the Congress. They will repeal the incentives that encourage companies to move American jobs overseas.

The Democrats will make health care affordable for all Americans again. They will fix the prescription drug program, eliminating the wasteful subsidies for the big drug companies and negotiate for lower drug prices. They will ensure that the Medicare drug program works for all seniors. They will ensure the long-term health of all Americans by investing in stem cell and other medical research.

They will take away subsides from the oil and gas companies and use those funds to provide consumer relief and develop long-term solutions to our energies need. They will allocate funds to develop alternative fuels and promote energy efficient technology. They will find meaningful solutions to our energy crisis.

Education is the future of America. We cannot compete in a global world with an uneducated workforce. Yet each day the cost of a college education becomes more difficult for working families to afford. Democrats will make college tuition tax deductible. They will expand Pell grants and slash student loan costs. They will place the dream of a college education in the hands of more Americans.

Democrats feel Americans should be able to face the retirement years of their life with dignity. They will prevent the privatization of social security. They will expand saving incentives and ensure pension fairness. Seniors should be able to enjoy their retirement and not worry about affording food, healthcare and housing.

Senate Democrat Leader, Harry Reid said, “If you want to know what someone stands for, look at who they stand with. Do they stand with Big Oil, Big Drug Companies, and a wealthy few? Or do they stand with the hardworking families….Democrats stand for increasing the minimum wage, making college more affordable, for bringing down the cost of health care, and for finding meaningful solutions to our energy crisis. Democrats stand for a new direction.”

House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi said, “Our new direction will advance a common agenda, seek common ground, and apply common sense in the service of the common good. We know with a new direction, we can meet our national challenges in a way that makes our nation stronger, our economy more vibrant, and our families more secure.”

November will give Americans an opportunity to turn America in new direction, to ensure the security of our nation and it working and middle class citizens.

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