Zany October Holidays

Zany October Holidays
October brings crisp air and beautiful foliage (if it’s still on the trees) for those folks that are in the Northern Hemisphere. It also brings more fun holidays and month-long events. October is Awareness Month—so be aware! In fact, there are several things of which to be aware.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Lupus Awareness Month, and National Diabetes Month. These are all causes we should be aware of and actively support. Domestic violence plagues many homes in America and is often never really thought about or dealt with. If you or someone you know is the victim of domestic violence, please call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline for more information.

Now for the zany days: The first Sunday of October (this year, the 4th) is International Frugal Fun Day. It’s a day to go out and have fun for pennies! Go to the library; walk around the park; feed the birds! Whatever fun thing you decide to do, make sure it’s inexpensive!

October 5 is the traditional ending of Oktoberfest in Germany; however, the date varies by location. In Torrance, California, Oktoberfest begins September 19 and runs until October 16.

The sixth day of the month brings us Mad Hatter Day. Just jump down the rabbit hole, Alice! We’ll have some tea and crumpets and play croquet with hedgehogs. Why is October 6 Mad Hatter Day? Remember the hat the Hatter wore? It had a tag on the front. That tag read: “10/6.” October 6!

Three days later, October 9, we celebrate several things, including Leif Eriksson Day, Curious Events Day, and Moldy Cheese Day. Curious, indeed! Leif Eriksson Day is the day marked in history that the first European set foot on North American soil. A joint resolution of Congress declared this a holiday in 1961. Eriksson left his home in Greenland for a land that had been fabled by a Norse Sea captain. He landed in several places around Newfoundland and, perhaps, as far south as Cape Cod. He and his men spent the winter in North America, and then returned to Greenland.

October 16 is another date you don’t want to miss—especially if you are not self-employed! It’s Boss’s Day! Be nice to your boss. Buy them lunch. Give them a card. Make sure you have the coversheet on your TPS report! This is a day to celebrate the ones who make your life miserable on a daily basis—unless you work for a really fun company, in which case, your boss probably is a lot of fun. Appreciate your boss! Without them, you wouldn’t have your job!

The third Saturday of the month (this year, October 17) is Sweetest Day. Interestingly enough, the intent of this holiday has shifted since its start back in 1922. Herbert Birch Kingston, founder of the holiday, worked for a candy company. He decided to celebrate those most often forgotten—the orphans, the homeless, the underprivileged. He got movie stars to distribute candy and other small gifts to such children to make them smile and let them know they were important to someone. Today, the holiday is celebrated much like Valentine’s Day—with loved ones, friends and family. Perhaps, this year, instead of celebrating the ones you love, celebrate the ones in need of love. Everyone is sweet in some way.

The day before the most famous holiday of October, Halloween, is National Candy Corn Day! Eat it with impunity! The tasty treat may be high in carbs, but it remains fat-free! It’ll give you a nice boost to go out trick-or-treating the following night!

Have a happy, safe and thrilling October!

For more information on other holidays in October, visit Holiday Insights.

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