Russell Stover Sugar-Free Chocolate

Russell Stover Sugar-Free Chocolate
Russell Stover Sugar-Free Chocolate is a perfect cure for any chocolate craving. It's only 3g of carbs per serving - and provides 4g of fiber plus lots of antioxidants. Keep some in your cupboards!

This is their basic option of chocolate for true chocolate lovers. They do have a triple chocolate mousse and a vanilla caramel option, with different insides to the square, but here is chocolate in its most pure form. A square, just under two inches on a side, with a good thickness, of lovely perfect chocolate. It's 60% cacao dark chocolate, so it is very high in antioxidants.

So the basics. Three pieces per serving, with 160 calories total, 0mg cholesterol, 15mg sodium, 2g protein, 3g of carbs, no trans fats. You get 15% of your iron!

It's important to note for those who are new to the sugar-free world that there are 15g of sugar alcohols in this. They use maltitol. Chocolates are often made with sugar alcohols for taste and baking reasons. Sugar alcohols are quite fine for people who are used to them, but if you've never had one before you need to allow your body to get used to them. Your system digests sugar alcohols differently than they digest regular sugars.

So start out with just a half piece of chocolate, to get your body used to them. Ease up over time. After a short while you'll be fully able to enjoy sugar alcohol treats at a regular rate!

If you have a chocolate craving, this really hits the spot. There are no off flavors. The chocolate is creamy and smooth. It's just the right level of sharp. The cacao level is a nice one which most people will find a great level of darkness.

The chocolates are individually wrapped, which makes them great for carrying one or two in your purse. If you're eating at home, take out one or two of them on a little plate and pour yourself your favorite glass of wine or port, or maybe a nice cup of coffee. Turn it into a treat you can really savor.

The key here is not to sit down with a giant bag of all of the chocolates and mindlessly gnaw through them :) Savor these!

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