Santa Fe Whole Grain Tortilla

Santa Fe Whole Grain Tortilla
The Santa Fe Whole Grain Tortilla is a nicely sized wrap that has 7g of fiber in it. If you use a wrap to hold your sandwich instead of two slices of bread you can easily get more fiber and far less carbs than the bread option!

We've used these tortillas in many ways - in quesadillas, as a dipping item for hummis, to make wraps for turkey, ham, egg salad and other typical sandwich items. The wrap holds up well in all of these situations and has a nice texture and size. You do need to keep the wrap in the refrigerator, but that seems to be true with pretty much every wrap we get.

The wraps have 100 calories per wrap, 3.5g of fat with no trans fats. They have 490mg of sodium and 8g of protein. The total carbs are 13g but you subtract out the 7g of fiber to get a net of 6g per wrap. That's very good! You even get 10% of your calcium and 8% of your iron with each wrap.

People with allergies should realize that yes, being whole wheat wraps, these do in fact contain wheat. Also, they have soy in them so soy allergy individuals should also stay away. Besides those two groups, I definitely recommend these wraps as being a great part of any healthy diet.

If you haven't tried wraps before, I highly recommend it. They are incredibly useful for making quick, easy meals from random things around the house. If you keep deli meats (the fresh, nitrate free variety for health reasons) then you can easily toss together a wrap with some meat, cheese, lettuce and mayo. If you keep grated cheese in the fridge then it's very easy to whip up a quick quesadilla in about 4 minutes with a wrap or two.

On the hummis end, I always try to keep some garlic hummis in the fridge. Garlic is healthy for you for all sorts of reasons, and garlic hummis makes a great snack. If you eat it with celery and wrap pieces that gets you fiber and garlic all in one great package!

Highly recommended as the perfect staple for any healthy households. The more you experiment with wraps, the more you realize how versatile they are!

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