Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe
Long Island Iced Tea is a classic multi-alcohol cocktail that can be almost completely zero carb.

Just be sure to only have one! This is pretty much ALL ALCOHOL and is quite potent. Drinking in moderation is fun - drinking in excess can really be quite harmful to your body!

1/4oz gin
1/4oz rum
1/4oz vodka
1/4oz tequila
1/4oz triple sec
1oz sugar-free sour mix
dash diet coke

Put all into a shaker with ice and shake briefly.

Serve into a tall glass with lots of ice and enjoy!

Note that the ONLY item here with carbs in it is triple sec. Triple sec is an orange flavored liqueur. Triple sec has 12.5g of carbs per oz. If you "stepped up" to Curacao which is also an orange flavored liqueur, that has only 10g of carbs per oz. Note this is still fairly steep, so of course an alternative is to make this without any orange liqueur at all.

Still, if you substitute in the Curacao, that is only 2.5g of carbs since you're using only a quarter of an oz. For most people, even on induction, the 2.5g of carbs is doable in a healthy daily diet.

Even if you make it exactly as shown, then 1/4oz of triple sec is 3.1g of carbs per glass. Still not a big deal.

I have a LOT of great cocktail recipes on the site, so roam through and enjoy!

For those who are geographically challenged, Long Island is the long (go figure) island which is part of New York, but stretches out along beneath the state of Connecticut. It is famous for its many high end wineries, as well as mansions. The Great Gatsby novel was set on Long Island.

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