Charging Crystals

Charging Crystals
It is important that the crystals you use are properly charged first. This allows them to perform at their best. With experience you’ll be able to feel whether or not your crystals need charging.

Some crystals, once cleansed feel ‘raring to go’, others still feel ‘flat’, like they need something else. Charging crystals fills their structure with vibrant energy and most crystals will benefit from being charged when you first buy them and then at intervals whenever their energy feels a little dulled.

Different crystals enjoy different methods of charging. Get to know the crystals in your collection and then use your intuition to decide what is best.

Charging with Sunlight
Most crystals like a good sunbathe. This is the method I use for my quartzes especially. Pick a bright sunny day and put them out in the sun. You might only need to leave them out for an hour or two, or you might need to leave them all day. Use your intuition or dowse. When they feel ‘lively’ I know they are ready. Other crystals that especially like to be charged with sunlight are those with a particularly yang or male energy, such as tiger’s eye, ruby, citrine and sunstone. Beware putting out any crystals that are harmed by water if there is a chance of rain. Common ones include halite (salt), selenite and sulphur.

If you live somewhere without a safe outdoor space to leave your crystals then you can use a sunny windowsill, but light is filtered by the glass so this isn’t quite as effective a method. Don’t just put your crystals on a windowsill and forget about them; amethyst, fluorite and a few other coloured stones will fade if left in the light over a long period of time.

Charging with Moonlight
Crystals with quieter yin or female energies may prefer to moonbathe. Pick a clear night ideally when the moon is waxing or full. Again an hour or two may be enough, but you are quite likely to need to leave them out all night as the moon’s energy is more subtle. Selenite and moonstone prefer this method, but don’t leave your selenite out all night if there is a chance of rain or morning dew.

Charging with Crystals and Charging Plates
A crystal cluster can be used for charging. Alternatively use quartz points, four or six work well, arranged in a pattern around the crystal to be charged with their points inwards. Remember the charging crystals will also need prior cleansing and charging! Be careful placing soft stones on quartz crystal clusters as they may get scratched.

My partner has just developed a range of crystal charging plates with a wooden base, a copper charging area and quartz points. I’m delighted with his work and my own charging plates have been in constant use ever since I got them. Living in Wales we don’t get very much sunshine. When the sun does shine I can take the plates out for a quick recharge much more easily than running out with handfuls of crystals. I also use the plates to charge my gem essences when they are first made and when they are opened. If you’d like to take a look at the plates his site is Copperwitch.

Charging with Reiki and other healing energies
If you are Reiki attuned you can Reiki your crystals. Please check first to see whether they want this energy and if it is appropriate for them. Some people Reiki all their crystals, others see that as a form of ‘Reiki abuse’ and argue the crystals often don’t appreciate this treatment. Tune into your crystals and intuit what they want. Personally I don’t Reiki my own crystals despite being attuned, however sometimes when a crystal feels very unhappy I will nurse it by giving it simple healing energy from my hands.

If you'd like to know more about healing with crystals purchase my Touchstones: Manual for the Crystal Therapist
Touchstones: Manual for the Crystal Therapist

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