Forgiving for Renewal

Forgiving for Renewal
There is always talk of forgiving others. We have heard that by doing so, we are actually not doing a favor for the other person, but in fact, healing ourselves. If you have ever tried it, you know how it releases blockages within you that allow you to focus and take another chance. For even more release, take some time to forgive yourself.

If ever you have left a relationship angry, maybe and most likely, you are really angry with yourself. You may think you are angry because you took a chance on someone. Dig deeper and you will note that your anger is even more poignant. Maybe you are angry because you gave 110 percent to the relationship, to the other person, and forgot about you. Maybe you took the relationship for granted. Maybe the other person spoke openly and honestly with you and you ignored their words and created your own story of what was real. Possibly, you attempted to control a free spirit or you simply smothered the flame. Maybe you didn’t let your hair down and indulge your senses in the best relationship ever presented to you.

Whatever your scenario, now is the time to forgive you.

“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different.” - Oprah

Forgiving yourself is monumental. It is freeing, enlightening, and shifting. In that moment, your physical body receives a message that it is okay to release the toxins it has associated with your emotions. You feel a sense of renewal.

Physically, you feel lighter and more flexible. Your shoulders and back feel less pain and burden. There is a new pep in your step. Your abdomen releases the knots that you have become accustomed to. You begin to make smarter health choices, naturally.

Emotionally you relieve yourself of stress and bondage. You begin to feel less defensive and stern. You become less reactive. You enjoy things differently, being more positive, appreciative, and open.

Spiritually you experience more focus. You can see at least another mile ahead into the possibilities of your future.

Mentally you have more clarity and less judgment.

To forgive yourself, first, you have to really want the change. You have to be ready to let it all go for a better life. You have to be hungry for a lighter, happier, less burdened you.

Then, write it out, say a prayer, create a chant, or meditate on it. Think of those you are angry with or those you have simply not forgiven. Remember why you feel betrayed by them and forgive them for the action. Think to how you contributed to the moment, as well as, how you responded. Forgive yourself and accept that in that moment you and the other person gave to the situation what you had available in you to give. Understand that your involvement was exactly what you needed to give at that time. That moment was a part of your awakening and your growth.

Finally, accept that you can no longer go back in time and change it. It has happened exactly as it needed to and moving forward you have evolved.

Complete this ritual for every scenario of anger or disappointment you hold tightly to you. Then, rest.

When you arise, remind yourself that “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” In this day you are free to start anew. You should feel lighter, freer, and joyful. If you do not, there is possibly more to forgive.

Take time alone for reflection. Journal or blog about it. Take as much time as you feel you need. Understand this is just the beginning. You must remind yourself every morning that today is a new opportunity to do it better.

Prepare to acclimate the new you to the old world with new lenses on. Pay attention to how your body reacts to different people and different actions. Make note of what sets you off. Every night, forgive any person that offends you and forgive yourself for the reaction. Remember, the other person is always giving you the best they have at that time. Your reaction is habit and you too are giving your best. As you evolve, your best will get better.

We are all on a personal journey that intertwines and meshes with the journeys of others. Every impressionable moment occurs to help us to grow.

Forgiving yourself makes the journey more enjoyable and fluid.

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