Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy
Spiritual Response Therapy is a method of removing old restricting beliefs from the aura. It is completely non-invasive & potentially very powerful.

The theory behind this therapy is that you get ‘scarred’ by negative past life events & these scars remain in the aura in future incarnations. These are often referred to as samskaras. When a similar situation arises the corresponding samskaras are activated. This is our chance to put things right & clear them, but often we follow a similar pattern of behaviours as we did in the past & just get more deeply scarred. By removing the blocks and restricting beliefs from the aura you no longer pull similar circumstances towards yourself. The therapist connects with your Higher Self, that wise part of you, and accesses the Akashic Records, where all things are recorded, to facilitate the healing.

I came across Spiritual Response Therapy at a Mind, Body, Spirit Fair in Cardiff, Wales. I arrived feeling lousy, weighed down by things that had been happening that seemed out of my control. A clairvoyant friend of mine suggested I book a session with Spiritual Response Therapist Peter Deacon. Peter was a very unassuming, friendly & humble man, with twinkling blue eyes, who asked me what the area of difficulty was in my life. Then the therapy began.

Peter told me he was going to pull a load of ‘junk’ out of my aura. Sitting opposite me with nothing but a pendulum & a range of dowsing arcs I confess I felt very sceptical. He started to dowse to identify a past life that had set up the negative beliefs in my aura which were magnetising similar issues into my life this time round.

Using a pendulum he worked out who I had been in that particular life & came up with a story which was pieced together word by word & phrase by phrase. As he was constructing it I could see that this could almost be the story of what had actually been happening to me over the past couple of years, though this lifetime I’m not a Priestess!

Once the bones of the story had been gathered on paper Peter dowsed for a core belief connected with this that was still in operation now. For me it was “I get what I deserve.” Now I do really believe that you do get what you deserve, however I had been using this belief in a punishing way, thinking whenever something negative happened to me, “Oh well I probably deserved that.” He then reversed the belief, which was tricky. We discussed a phrase that still obeyed the laws of karma but was less harsh & came up with “I receive what I deserve.” A subtle change, but for me this puts the emphasis on getting back some of the good that I put out into the Universe, rather than a karmic slap on the wrist!

Now came the magical bit. Peter announced that he would pull all the negative junk out from my aura to do with that past life, including the old belief & then install the new one. I sat & watched him twirling his pendulum & wondering how that was going to work. A few minutes later he announced all was done & I stood up. I felt a complete weight had lifted from me & this therapeutic affect was lasting. I have only experienced such a strong ‘instant’ healing a couple of times in my life. All of this healing had been done within thirty minutes & without the therapist either touching me or using any tools in my aura. Amazing!

I think this therapy is a gentle alternative to past life therapy as the client does not have to revisit any of the trauma. I’m interested to see what happened to me in a past life, but many would find this scary & would still gain great benefit from undoing negative beliefs from the past. To find out more you can visit the Spiritual Response International Association site.

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